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Who Has The Best Male Voice?


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Since Marlene and Eric have put Sinatra on their lists I wanted to add I would have put Frank on my list of course but was limiting it to Pop/Rock stuff. I would also add Dean Martin and Tony Bennett. I will also add a quick story. I post at a music board called music babble and one call Chem Trails. These are message boards of music hipsters and record reviewers from the web. When I posted The Raspberries youtube from the Record Plant of GATW and IWBWY on there they to a man commented on what great rock pipes Eric has.

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Well, I did see my vote once in these lists -- thank you, Marvin, I want to put a second vote in for Paul Carrack. Just listened to his "Best of" CD a week or 2 ago, after not hearing him for a while. What a beautiful combination of soul and pop in his voice.

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Paul Carrack is an outstanding and very underated singer. He has shone in every group that he's been in: from Ace to Squeeze to Mike & the Mechanics, and his solo work, as Jeff has stated, is superb. He's one of the best.

Paul Carrack trivia: : What song, co-written by Paul, has become a prominent song in the Eagles' show/catalogue?


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