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Who should be in the Rock Hall?????


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Marc, I do enjoy Bachman-Turner Overdrive's music, but do I think they should be in the hall?


Hollies, it really puzzles me about Percy Sledge and the Dells....had two great soul hits....but why the heck are they in there??

Neil Diamond is technically not a rocker. I am not a huge fan of Neil's. But does he belong? Yes! Influence on many rock artists......songs being recorded the likes of UB40 to Deep Purple, as well as a good chunk of the Monkees' catalog.

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Diamond is ever-present as an influence for rockers......and nominating him has just as much validity as picking Johnny Cash or Ray Charles or Bob Dylan or Van Morrison....neither are actually "rockers" per se....but the presence among rockers is there.

And I think Joy Division should be nominated. Their music is ugly, had only one real hit and hard to listen to, but they were definitely influential on many artists.

Oh, Waylon Jennings--though primarily a country artist---had more to do with Rock and roll than either Leonard Cohen or Grandmaster Flash.

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Off the top of my head..here's a few

Alice Cooper

The Hollies

The Moody Blues

Three Dog Night


The Doobie Brothers


Cheap Trick


The Guess Who



Bad Company

Jethro Tull

Deep Purple

The Turtles

Grand Funk Railroad

Pat Benatar

The Grassroots

Blue Oyster Cult

The Raspberries

I'm sure they're more I'm not thinking of right now !

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Another non-rocker that should be nominated, due to the influence he has had on rockers is Bob Marley.......considerably more than Nat King Cole, Leonard Cohen, AND Grandmaster Flash combined!

Sting's music definitely would have sounded different, if Bob Marley never existed, to cite an example.

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One guy you can make a strong case for is Marc Bolan. He was at the forefront of the Glam Rock movement in the early 70's and was an influence on guys like David Bowie, Elton John and you can even hear his influence on songs like "It's Only Rock N' Roll" by the Rolling Stones and "New York City" by John Lennon.

The Berries you can make a case for because Overnight Sensation as named one of the greatest singles of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. They've also influenced people like Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Cheap Trick, and much of the power pop of the 70's right through today.

If you're going to let in non-rock n' roll acts like Madonna then just about anybody else is fair game.

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JohnO, did he really? Another thing that got "under my radar"----didn't seem to hear about that one....but Marley did deserve it!

I'm so used to Wenner and company making crappy decisions, that I assumed that Marley was never considered. smile

And Hollies65 is also correct about British and other non-US bands not being inducted. And yes, I am a strong supporter of seeing Bolan in the Hall.

He was a huge influence on many people, and also help expose new acts in the 70s, on his broadcast programs.

The UK has some people who whose names are not all that well known in the US, but helped make rock and roll what it is. John Peel(broadcaster)

is one, and Alexis Corner(club owner)being another. Both were instrumental in breaking new acts in the UK....some of which made it big in America, too...

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