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Who should be in the Rock Hall?????


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Steve did you create this site? wink

I hated just about everything Bon Jovi did from their beginning to about 10 years ago when I thought that that they finally matured and started writing a bit more interesting stuff, but it's pretty scary (funny?) to think that both Bon Jovi and Run DMC might might get in before the Hollies.

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OK - I looked at the "future qualifiers" page last night. How the hell does MC Hammer qualify??? He is NOT rock and/or roll. He's just a rapper - RAP = Retards Attempting Poetry. Madonna's not rock either. But I guess being a whore will get her places. Of course, who inducted her? Justin "I gave Janet the wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl" Timberlake, of course!

On a positive note: I agree on the Hollies AND the Moody Blues. Eric/Berries appear as one entity in the 2000 page ("Eric Carmen and the Raspberries"). I wouldn't mind seeing Steve Miller (the best act to appear with Raspberries on EITHER of the Kirshner concerts) or Badfinger either.


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I voted for the Guess Who on that site. I also voted for...The Moody Blues,Zombies,Hollies Raspberries,Turtles. Voted no on Brittney Spears.RHCP,Pat Benetar and Green Day.I also posted what I thought of Brittney and I'm sure by tonight I will have a full page of hate posts to read!

I think this is the first time I've ever disagreed with your taste or opinion. Green Day is a good band and their last album 'American Idiot" is possibly the best album since the late 70's (The Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks". Elvis Costello's first 2 CDs) and that's a lot of years.Certainly in the top 5 or 10 best CDs over those years. I await their next CD.
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With Ahmet Ertegan gone, Jann Wenner has more control then ever about who gets in, and who stays out.

Say what you will about The Monkees, but they deserve to be in, as well as...

The Hollies

The Moody Blues


Linda Ronstadt

Warren Zevon

The Doobie Brothers


Cheap Trick


The Guess Who



The Cars




Neil Diamond

Neil Sedaka

Bad Company

Jethro Tull

Hall & Oates

That's just a short list, I can come up with more that are more qualified to be in then Grandmaster Flash, Madonna, and others


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