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The "$treisand Tour.


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When I started this thread-I mentioned that I had been in the field of "Philanthropy" and felt I was sensitive to the fact that many times the "Honoree" at a "Fundraising Event" may have had their own agenda and maybe withholding "Wholesale Kudos" was in order.

Well today I had lunch with my oldest friend who is still in this field.

He reminded me that when people contribute to a SPECIFIC charity -their contributions are tax deductible.

"Princess of Tithes"-Barbra,however, has not yet decided to what charity "SHE" WILL donate proceeds from her tour to- nor how much she will contribute from her tour receipts.

BOTTOM LINE:If you buy a $750 dollar ticket to a "Babs" concert-NONE of that sum is tax deductible because "Babs" has not yet decided on who gets what-or how much anyone gets.

Therefore-as it now stands when "Barbra" FINALLY decides on HER disbursement of the funds YOU paid for-SHE will get the ENTIRE tax deduction.

To quote Dana Carvey's "Church Lady"-"Isn't that special"?

To quote "Sylvester"-"That's Dethpicable"-Ira.

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While Barbra isn't one of my favorite people, I fell in love with her music in college and bought every album. Before I knew about the Berries and Eric, her music was so expressive, it was with me for many many years. I can't discount any of that. I loved her movies, especially "Funny Girl," and feel like she has her own kind of beauty, the courage to be herself and put everything she does and is out there. I respect and admire that. It carries its own kind of beauty. I adore her talent, and I have to separate it from her politics and the things she does.

My husband, who was never a Barbra fan, would probably like to flog me after reading the above.

I can't say I admire the elitist, astronomically priced concerts she'll be putting on, but it's her tour and she has the right to conduct it the way she wishes.

I *am* thrilled that Il Divo will be doing ABM and that Eric will benefit from the tour. That's the best news in the whole caboodle.

smile --Darlene

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Wow, alot of Streisand bashing for sure.Good comments Darlene. I havent seen this much bashing since Cartmills diatribe on illegal immigrants and my own posts on the AD HOC BAND. As we see with so many entertainers, sometimes it's worthwhile to make the distinction between their personalities, foibles etc. and the art they have created. Sometimes we may not likeor admire people in certain ways and like them deeply in others. Alot of "grey areas" in this world I am afraid.

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Bahoo-humbug Cartmill!, no need to file that deportation, I get the message. I am taking my ball and going home, no wait!, I am throwing my mouse pad in the trash, never to post again. No that's not quite right; I am loading up the Huskies and the sled and shuffling off to Edmonton. Never shall I darken your door again with another supportive Streisand post. Never again to verbally castrate OReilly or defend our Mexican border sieve. This is the last time.This is it. Finis. Caput.Adios, saliendo el edificio ahora. The very last time. The very last time.. Well,... until at least sometime late tomorrow morning.

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