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The "$treisand Tour.


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Yeah, I would have to agree that she does get a bit overzealous and over the top on the politics.

I do admire her worth ethic and dedication, when it comes to the music......everything she did on "Guilty" was done on the first or second take.

As for the high ticket prices, you can blame the Eagles for breaking the $100-plus barrier for normal shows. Concert prices are really out of hand. Granted, Streisand is a superstar, and is worthy of being in the league with U2, etc.....but

$100 for the CHEAP seats??? That is a bit too much.....

Ira, you are right about the "Star Wars" analogy.

What wasn't mentioned, and is bothersome to me, is her assessment of her talents. She considers herself an actress and producer first, before a singer.....to me, this is kind of backwards.

Had high expectations of "Yentl", but it was disappointing. And for "Hello Dolly" not as much spunk and personality as Carol Channing's stage version. Although I didn't see "The Prince of Tides" personally, people I knew that did hated it.

Maybe Babs is finally getting it, and realizing that singing is really what she's good at.

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Her politics aside and agendas aside, she is one hell of a singer. I always thought she was really beautiful even when they were criticizing her looks at times. I dig her. I still tear up a little at "The Way We Were," though it pains me to admit it.

Far left and Far right causes are boring and devisive. We need an inclusive approach more moderate in nature. Certainly something that restores our dignity in the world.

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It's funny. I usually really post only musical updates and musings. I really had mixed feelings about posting my feelings about "Limousine Liberalism" and "Privileged Hypocrisy"-on this site-and in the end many of you also really had feelings just as strong-or stronger than I did about "Barbra's" modus operandi. Live and learn.-Ira.

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Ira, feel the same as you regarding "limousine liberalism." Feel the same about rigid and judgemental right wing neo-cons too. The fringes are wrecking this country. Streisand's "breath" discourse seems like speculative, undocumented

rubbish. Hillarys butt, on the other hand, is well documented and based on substantial fact and evidence.

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My god - you simply can't TOUCH her version of Bloodrock's 'DOA'!

but the way she sings "there was something in the air..." kinda doesn't sit right...

the double LP set "Bea Rocks: A Night Of Enhancement" is now available on a single CD from the Japanese label, Grumfrut founded by former sumo wrestling champ, Changmu Chitzi...

Chitzi once appeared on one of Bea's live TV specials for CBS (i think in 1973)... he played the role of an angry Asian butler in a skit that did employ his wrestling skills... he tossed Sherman Hemsly near across the stage... there was also a dance ruotine w/ "What's Happening!!"'s Shirley Hemphill (pre-What's Happening, mind you) where they shook their big tuckuses all over the place... everyone was in stitches...

needless to say, Bea repaid Hemphill the favor when she appeared on Hemphill's singing debut, "Just Me And My Cookbook." Bea & her duetted on the obscure Anka/Sedaka-penned number, "The Life We Live (Not So Fast)."

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Pierson, I have tried for years to get a bootleg of Bea's TV Special on DVD. I did receive a copy on Super Betamax a few years ago from my Japanese connection, Ichiro Allen (I think Kazumi knows him), but I can't find a Super Betamax machine to watch it.

So it sits there in my video library, taunting me, out of reach, unviewable...Just like my love for Bea herself... crying

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It'll be OK Tony. Honest - it will be. I'll see to it. (I have in my possession a lock of hair from, how shall I put this, a certain "place" on the surface of beloved Bea's anatomy that I will be glad to send you. Not all of it mind you, but perhaps a strand or two -- just to get you through the misery of your unrequited affection for our lovely Bea-ness. This should, I would think, make the pain all go away - or at least minimize it a c-hair).

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Must be from her moustache.

quite the improbability since Bea suffered from the same dilemma that forced Joe Lynn Turner to wear a wig.... so any "hair" form Bea's concert days must've been from one of the numerous custom head pieces she had designed... our Bea was "clean" as they use to say...
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"The "Streisand Effect":

She is "Creditted" with shattering the "Glass Ceiling" on ticket prices.

Thanks alot "Barbra". Exhibit "A":

"Wayne Newton" is playing "BB King's"-where we got a whole lotta "Raspberries" for $40 or $50 dollars:

"Heeeeere's Wayne"! (July 20th,2006.)

1)-$175 for "Meet and Greet" and reserved seat up front--no waiting in line.

2)-$150 a seat for a seat in a Reserved Booth-BUT you gotta buy a whole booth ("Booths are 4,5,or 6 seats")-Sheesh!

3)-$125-to sit- First Ya gotta wait in line-and then "First come,First serve"- for whatever's left after categories #1 and #2.

4)-$100-SRO-to stand at bar:

All this to hear "Danke Schoen" and "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast".

We sure did much better last summer-Don'tcha think?-Ira.

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I just heard Bab's latest CD with Barry Gibb. Man, she still has it. Great vocals on some decent songs. But no over-the-top Barbara. Just a great instrument enhancing the tunes.

Makes me feel sad that another once-in-a-generation voice like Mariah Carey, is wasting her talents on about 80% hip hop and other urban music drivel...

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Forget the undocumented 'Bab's Bad breath". here's

something real that happened several weeks ago.

Malibu has only one movie theater which was destroyed in a fire recently,and is currently being rebuilt. One evening, Babs & James went out

& drove all the way to the San Fernando valley,

where the nearest movie theater is, to see "MI3."

When it was their turn on line to approach the

box office, James & Babs sauntered up to the young

man at the ticket counter & said,"You know who we

are, don't you? Could you please find us the manager?" Unbeknownst to Babs & James, the woman

standing in line behind them was a member of the

Valley Young republicans, & could not belive her

good fortune at truly being in the right place at

the right time(Though wrong place for Babs 'N'James.) She recorded the whole transcation on her picturephone, & was interviewed

on Hannity & Colmes the following evening. Even

Colmes couldn't dispute what happened, just mumbled something about 'privacy rights' Now, for

those of you who haven't been to Malibu, be assured that what this pair pays in property taxes

would be a more than comfortable yearly retirement

stipend. But they had no problem calling the manager of the theater to save 20 bucks....Need I

say more?....

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