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The song called "1900 Yesterday" by Liz Damon('s) Orient Express went to # 33 (Hot 100) & # 4 (AC Charts) back in February of 1971. That song was the last single for White Whale Records. Damon is the leader of the 3 woman, 6 man vocal/instrumental group from Hawaii. Liz had 1 more song on the Adult Contemporary Chart called "Loneliness Remembers (What Happiness Forgets)" which went to # 29 (AC Charts) on Anthem Records. Matt

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slvnbil, actually Nick Lowe had at least one other hit, "I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll".

Interesting story about producing that song. Lowe introduced the San Francisco-based band Clover, to back up Elvis Costello on "My Aim is True".

Of course, that became a smash hit of an album, but also, Clover added Huey Lewis and Johnny Colla as new members and eventually became the News, who had a bunch of hits.

"I Knew the Bride...." was actually a bit of payback of gratitute to Lowe, as Elvis and Huey and the News backed him up on this song...

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Personally, I like Fardon's version better than the Raiders'. Sounds a bit more heartfelt and authentic.

But this is not to say that the Raiders' version was a total "whitewash". Some really good orchestral parts in the back, and probably the best keyboard performance on any Raiders record!

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I had forgotten all about this one! The harmony is wonderful.

If anyone says it's as "sappy" as "Honey" is, I'm going to sic EC and his entire Raspberries entourage on them!

Thanks so much for reminding me of this one.

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Hey, Johnny. Sorry I didn't welcomeyou earlier.

I think it wasmentioned here, if not on another thread, becase somehow I was prompted to download the song. I've always like it since I first heardit on an, ahem, "Oldies " station, and I guess i was a very small child when it came out.

Hmm, I'll have to listen again a few times and see the psychedelic side of it. I just like the melody so far!


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Love Grows by Edison Lighthouse AND The grassroots is one of my favourite songs. Now everybody's "beat me to the punch" this time!

I shoul have tuned in earlier to this thread.

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"Live At Last". They cover it very nicely, even if it sounds a bit more hard than Edison Lighthouse's version.

I alternate between the two versions and often listen to both on the same day. Sometimes even back to back.

It was oneof the first oldies I recorded on my cassettte-radio because it's such a "feel good" song. She sort of reminds me, with her no money, clothes funny, and hair wild and free. haha

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