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One Hit Wonders


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"Boomtowm"- David and David

"Down for the Last Time(?)"- Head East

"Everybody Dance"- TaMara and the Seen

"Bluer than Blue"- Michael Johnson

"Maniac"- Michael Sembello

"love is All Around"- Wet Wet Wet

"Life is a Rock"- Reunion

Didn't Michael Johnson have a hit with the song "That's That"?
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Found a You Tube video from 1971, also checked Wikipedia which said it was #3 in 1965, I remember the song perfectly, was just having trouble finding others who did, glad you remembered! I was surprised he was From the UK, figured him to be midwest US, looks like he was more of a writer than preformer.

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"Under a Latin Moon"- Candi

"Say You're My Number One"- Princess

"Howzat"- Sherbet

"She Hates Me"- Puddle of Mudd

"Bimbo Jet"- El Bimbo

"Don't Give Up on Us"- David Soul

"Disco Inferno"- Trammps

"Kiss and Say Goodbye"- Manhattans

"Fantasy"- Aldo Nova

"Pipeline"- Chantays

"Papa Oo Mau Mau"- Rivingtons

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Thanks, LobsterLvr......sometimes it's hard to remember all those names.

Got a few more

"Baby Love"- Regina

"We Are the Cheeky Girls(Touch my Bum)"- Cheeky Girls

"Crush"- Jennifer Paige

"No Myth"- Michael Penn(not sure if I mentioned that before)

"Cruisin'"- Gwenyth Palrow and Huey Lewis(granted, not Huey's only hit, but the only one for the "coat lady".)

"She's So High"- Tal Bachman

"I've Been Thinking About You"- Londontown??

"Cliffs of Dover"- Eric Johnson(I think this is the only one of his that charted, but he has a big following among guitar players).

"Say You Love Me"- Renee Geyer

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It bugs me about "Pop Goes the World"....I should KNOW this but I don't offhand.....

And "Hurricane" Smith was also an engineer at Abbey Road studios during some Beatles sessions. But his other claim to fame was being the producer of Pink Floyd, during the Syd Barrett days(using his given name, Norman Smith).

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This is a really fun thread and also brings back some pretty wonderful memories.

Here's one to have a good "hah hah' at:

how about Miami Vice's Don Johnson with "Heartbeat". Does anyone remember this song from about 1975...Lazy Love by the New City Jam Band . "Those were the days by Mary Hopkins" and also I happen to really love The Marmalade doing "Falling Apart At The Seams".

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Actually, Mary Hopkin had two other minor hits,

"Temma Harbour" and "Goodbye My Love"(the latter written by Sir Paul).

"Those Were the Days" was actually a Ukrainian folk song, with new lyrics written. But the original title, translated from the original Ukrainian lyrics, comes out as "Down the Lonely Road", or something like that.

Marmalade had other hits, the biggest one here in the US being "Reflections of My Life".

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