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One Hit Wonders


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I would have to nominate ‘Shannon’ by Henry Gross.

It’s a desperately sad song, but the video has such an ‘ahhh’ factor, especially if you’re a dog lover.


The follow up to "Shannon" wasn't a big a hit, but "Springtime Mama" (GREAT tune!) did crack the top 40, peaking at #37.
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the scary part about this thread is that I generally LOVE the followup singles from so many One Hit Wonders...

Thanks For Saving My Life - Billy Paul

January - Pilot (I even loved their THIRD single, Canada)

There Ain't No Umbopo - Crazy Elephant

Dreams Are Ten A Penny - First Class

Give Up Your Guns - The Buoys

Mr. Turnkey - Zager & Evans

Golden Rainbow - Lookinglass

Big City Miss Ruth Ann - Gallery

Is That The Way? - Tin Tin


adding to the one hit wonder list comes a few of my A&R accomplishments in the industry smile

I Beg Your Pardon - Kon Kan

Sending All My Love - Linear

Detachable Penis - King Missile

Mouth - Merril Bainbridge

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Marmalade may have had a few hits in the U.K. Aren't they from Wales?

Hi, Gman. I’m sure Marmalade are a Scottish band. Wales can lay claim to Bonnie Tyler, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey. I bet not many people realise that the brilliant Roald Dahl was born in Wales, too. smile

For a One Hit Wonder, how about Anita Ward ‘Ring My Bell’. Reminds me of my disco days! In fact Stevie and I danced in our kitchen to it fairly recently.


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