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One Hit Wonders


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Many artists mentioned through these pages might have had only one hit in the U.S., but more hits in other countries.

That is indeed true, Marvin. And there was once a time when Julio Iglesias had hits all over the world, and none in the US. Ditto for Celine Dion.

Not to mention Cliff Richard---consistant hitmaker in the UK, but a whopping 15 year gap betwen US hits.

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"Bobby's Girl"- Marcy Blaine

"Denver"- Steve Alaimo

"I Will Follow Him"- Little Peggy March

"I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight- Boyce and Hart(as artists, not just writers)

"White Lightning"- Bill Wyman(only solo hit in USA)

And what was Scritti Politti's hit?

In Holland: it was "Absolute"

By the way: Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart only charted in Holland with "Alice Long"...

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Originally posted by CubbiefanMike:

Hocus Pocus by Focus

Sadly you missed "Sylvia" by Focus, Top 10 UK and Holland, Jan Akkerman on guitar, it's fabulous!
As I mentioned way back on the first few pages of this thread, just because an artist had only one hit in the U.S., doesn't mean that they didn't have hits in other parts of the world. Very few artists were truly "one hit wonders."
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Venus - Shocking Blue....not sure if they had any other hits in Europe or Scandinavia. Only "Venus" in the U.S.

In several European countries they had many hits through the years, leadsinger Mariska Veres died in 2006...

Here are the Dutch hits:

Love is in the air 1967 zang: Fred de Wilde

Lucy Brown is back in town 1968 28-9-1968 21 5 zang: Fred de Wilde

Send me a postcard 1968 14-12-1968 11 7 vanaf deze single: zang: Mariska Veres

Long lonesome road 1969 8-3-1969 17 7

Venus 1969 12-7-1969 3 15

Sally was a good old girl 1969 Uitgave in Japan - platenlabel Polydor

Mighty Joe 1969 29-11-1969 1(2wk) 18

Venus 1969 24-1-1970 3 11 heruitgave n.a.v. het Amerikaanse succes

Never marry a railroad man 1970 6-6-1970 1(2wk) 12 onder vakbondsdruk geboycot op de BBC

Hello darkness 1970 21-11-1970 6 9

Shocking you 1971 6-3-1971 12 5

Blossom lady 1971 21-8-1971 2 10

Out of sight out of mind 1971 27-11-1971 6 10

Inkpot 1972 11-3-1972 5 9

Rock in the sea 1972 19-8-1972 12 5

Eve and the apple 1972 9-12-1972 13 8

Oh Lord 1973 7-4-1973 14 5

Let me carry your bag 1973 22-9-1973 tip

Dream on dreamer 1974

This America 1974 11-5-1974 tip

Gonna sing my song 1975 31-5-1975 tip

The jury and the judge 1986

Body and soul 1994

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