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One Hit Wonders


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"Walking on Sunshine"- Katrina and the Waves

"The Safety Dance"- Men Without Hats

"Tarzan Boy"- Baltimora

"We Ain't Got Nothing Yet"- Blues Magoos

"What's Up"- 4 Non-Blondes

"Cutie Pie"- One Way

"Sit Down I Think I Love You"- Mojo Men

"Politics of Dancing" Re-Flex

"She's Lookin' Good"- Rodger Collins

"Hey Leonardo" - Blessed Union of Souls

"Black Betty"- Ram Jam

"Tubthumping"- Chumba Wumba

"Beach Baby"- First Class

"One Tin Soldier"- Coven

"Winchester Cathedral" - New Vaudeville Band

"One-Way Love"- T.K.A.

"I Touch Myself"- Divinyls

"Love is All Around"- Wet Wet Wet

"Rescue Me"- Fontella Bass

"He Little Cobra"- The Rip Chords

"Popcorn" -Hot Butter

Honorable mention.....one-hit wonder in the US but hitmakers in their native countries:

"Sukiyaki"- Kyu Sakamoto

"Volare"- Domenico Muldungo

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Timothy-The Buoys

In the Year 2525-Zagar and Evans


Chick-a-Boom-Daddy Dewdrop

Brandy-The Looking glass

Green Eyed Lady-Sugarloaf But i think they had another release"Could have been a lady"

Looking Glass wasn't a one hit wonder. Their second hit wasn't as big, but it did crack the top 40 -- "Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne"

"Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" was released as Sugarloaf/Jerry Corbetta & peaked at #9

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Although he hit the US Top 40 only once ("Seasons"), Terry actually had many hits in Canada - with and without the Poppy Family.

Yeah, but that's Canada - I thought the thread was about one hit wonders in REAL places hahahahahahahaha

(Sorry, bad American habit to poke at Canadians baby I guess now your money is worth MORE than the US$, you deserve respect ... )

PS - The Poppy Family were great! (Now, I listening to them..)

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In Cleveland 'Pipe Dream' by the Blues Magoos was a hit.

'Timothy' was written and produced by Rupert Holmes and did the same with 'Jennifer Tompkins' by the Street People only he sang that one. He also had a little hit with 'The Pina Colada song'

'Beach Baby' and 'Love Grows' were both sang by the same guy ...Tony Burrows.

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It seems weird Marmalade coming up because they had a few hits here in the UK. They’re a great band to see live and really nice guys as well. ‘Reflections’ is one of my fave records.

I would have to nominate ‘Shannon’ by Henry Gross.

It’s a desperately sad song, but the video has such an ‘ahhh’ factor, especially if you’re a dog lover.


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