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Rock & Roll Hall Annex in NY


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Mark my words, for although I sound old, I believe things such as hip-hop could actually drive the H of F down the toilet, and that would be a crying shame. BTW, 49 isn't old. It's sort of middle-aged.

This time, I am not making a funny remark.

I love music, not talking, skipping, hate things.

Yes, I still want to see Raspberries the the Hall of Fame, but not if they're going to honour people with no talent and lousy mouths. And almost anyone can do "the coffee grinder" on the floor.

I need to log off now as there is another thunderstorm on the way.

You're right, BTW. I think a few years down the road, my city will lose Canada's Football Hall of Fame for the same policing and crime reasons. We have a city hall thats walls are falling off and they want to paste it up. Good Lord!

EC, please "Go All The Way", get the band back on the road, and those albums cut! We DO need you, honey.

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Danny, I'm afraid I read a rather disturbing article today - I think it was on Msn.com that said Cleveland and 2 other cities in Ohio were the most depressed in the nation - it included Canton, and Youngstown and Cleveland so that would not surprise me if they moved it. I'll try and find that article....

It was a Forbes article - sorry - here it is:


I know it's in the wrong topic - but relevant to the Hall of Fame.....

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