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Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players


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Chop Shop Guitar Show announces "The Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time".

“The list is a complete list, as each guitarist was ranked in the following categories: technical ability, soul and emotion, influence on the music and guitar industries, song writing, live experience, sales, signature sound and longevityâ€.


Check out the Home Page where you can listen to interviews by clicking on “Previous Guestâ€. The HALL OF FAME section shows some cool cartoon caricatures and bios of famous guitarists.

Enjoy !!

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and John Lennon is on the list? I'm one of the worlds most avid Beatles fans, and I'd never pick Lennon as a "complete" guitarist. Nice solos in "You Can't Do That" and "Get Back", but not worthy of winning awards. And as Marv said, where's Burton, Atkins, Campbell, etc? Double Blah!

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As to be expected,top 100 lists of anything are always controversial.That being said,my opinion of this list is very low.To completely omit James Burton is criminal.Many people may only know of James for his great work as lead guitar in Elvis Presley's core band from 1969 to 1977(both live in concert and studio recordings).However,some of his greatest and most memorable work was done while recording with Rick Nelson in the late 50's and early 60's.These guys really blew it when they left him off the list.Right on,Marv and Hollies.

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Just to set the record straight...Glen Campbell was the MOST SOUGHT AFTER session guitarist on the West Coast in the 60s. He played on more top 100 hits than any other guitarist in the 60s. These are not opinions...they are facts. That great 12 string riff in 'Dance Dance Dance'? Glen...The capoed guitar in 'Strangers in The Night? Glen. The Distorted freak out guitar in The First Edition's 'What Condition My Condition was in'? Glen Campbell. The casual non music fan may think Glen was a singer, but the guys putting the list together are supposed to know what many of us here know...Glen Campbell is a guitar player...one of the best EVER.

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