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"Show-Biz" Music Game


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There has been a minor tradition in Rock and Roll of songs that are about being on stage, or on the road, or in "Show-Biz".

I don't really know if there are a few or many...But I thought it might be fun to post TWO songs apiece (maximum) that you recall that are about being a performer or being on the road.

Here are my two songs to begin this thread.

1-The earliest one I can remember is Rick Nelson's lament..."Teenage Idol".

2-And Of course there is "Play On- by the "Strawberries" or "Raspberries" or something like that.

Can you add to this list? laugh -Ira.

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Two of my old faves -

"On The Road Again" by Linsk Menjuvic, a polka version of the Willie Nelson song, as performed by Rick Moranis in the film "The Last Polka"

"No-Show Jones" by George Jones - an ode to the Possum's old tendency to get liquored up and miss shows...and he was quite good at it!

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