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VH1 Rock Honors The Who....


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The first time I saw The Who was in '67 opening for Herman's Hermits at Constitution Hall....while one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen, all eyes (including mine) were on Keith M. the entire time. He was looning the whole show, making faces at the other band members, pretending to fall off his drum stool (and actually did fall off a couple of times), throwing his drum sticks in the air and catching them with the other hand, without missing a beat, etc., then kicking over his drums at the end....without a doubt, the most entertaining drummer in history! (He was drinking something out of a glass during one song, and set the glass on one of his tom toms, having fun pulling it off and putting it back on throughout the song...)

While I never saw the original Pretty Things in the 60s, I understand their drummer Viv Prince made Moon look like a choir boy, as far as nuttiness. He was the reason they were banned from Australia for life....something to do with setting a fire in the aisle of a plane, which was the last straw that particular tour in '66. I also understand he was as good a player as Moon....

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