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Played to Death


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ira, your comment about kids and their videos... my "western" grandson has an old vhs in his room... he's not quite two yet... and he knows that when his bull riding tape is over, he can push it back in when it pops out and it will start over.

I'm not so sure the kid isn't the reincarnation of an old cowboy. His dad's a cowboy who actually works as a ranch hand, but the baby, right from birth, took to cowboy stuff like he was literally born for it. I remember they had an old photograph in the house of a "branding" that some locals and family members had participated in... and the baby, barely able to see, would not stop looking at that picture on the wall. Black and white and dingy compared to all the bright colors and things on tv.

So we started letting him watch these old rodeo tapes and one morning his mother hears something from his room... he had climbed out of his crib and pushed the tape into the tv and was sitting watching the bull riding tape!

When I baby sit (which I haven't done for over five months now) I know that if he's starting to get fidgety or tired, I pop a western like Silverado or Open Range into the DVD player, and he'll sit there beside me, transfixed... for as long as there are animals on the screen! He's not into the gun fights, he's into the cows and horses!


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or even to Jack-FM (which, as you know, is located where our beloved doo wop/oldies WCBS-FM used to be: 101.1). I fought Jack for a long time because of that. grumpy

well JACK is exactly a result of what we're complaining about... ALTHOUGH, JACK-FM plays their songs with nary a thread or concept... just a bad mish mash of tunes that were once well known, but now aren't played on the radio as much as the ones we've been killed with for the past 10 years....

refreshing but not something that's cool or exciting

give me your AM Canadian oldies stations MARVIN anyday... at least there I hear unpredictable songs by Bread, 3 Dog Night along w/ Pagliaro, April Wine, A Foot In Cold Water & Andy Kim...

in NJ we do have a sometimes decent AM station in the Hackettstown area (WMNJ 1510) which, when left to playing oldies completely (without on air interupption) can be amazing... although i still have yet to hear the Raspberries on it... they do, however bust out Looking Glass's "Jimmy Loves Mary Anne" once in a while

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jackfm, will play a Raspberries tune, but, you have to be listening to this station 24hours a day, I'm not doing that,

I have a life to live too, agree.?

I had the station before, they played Raspberries.

I find the best times to catch a song like, Looking Glass or who ever from the 70's, is on a Saturday, day time.

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- A song that should be in the played to death Hall of Fame would be "You Light Up My Life" by Debbie Boone. crazy


probably not 'cause like a lot of songs that were played to death when they were hits (i.e. "Aquarius" & "Love Is Blue") these days & even over the past 15 years, at least, they're hardly played at all... unlike "I Can't Help Myself" by The Four Tops... or "Build Me Up Buttercup"
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