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Alan Parsons / Allan Clarke

Tim From Wisconsin

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Allan's voice is pretty distinctive, at least to fans of the Hollies. When I first heard "Breakdown", I knew it was him.

Speaking of Allan's voice (sorry to go off on a tangent), when I first heard "Suddenly Mary" by the Posies, I was sure that it was Allan singing on the song. Turned out that it was in fact Jon Auer (or Ken Stringfellow) of the Posies doing a pretty good Clarke impersonation.

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Funny, of complete coincidence, I listened to "Dear 23" on Rhapsody yesterday! One of my all time favorites ....

PS - After "Dear 23", I listened to a couple of the Apples in Stereo albums ... also amazing music!

And, as far as Alan Parsons, check out some of the songs Chris Rainbow sings lead on, especially from "Turn of a Friendly Card". you Beach Boys fans should know about Chris Rainbow!

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Alan engineered/produced SO many artists at EMI. He rendered the services of many in his 'Project(s)'. I believe Dave Mason, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood worked on a song or two.

He was involved with The Hollies in the early 70's. Looks like he asked both Allan and Terry Sylvester to do tracks. Terry sang on 'To One In Paradise' on Parsons' debut LP - Tales of Mystery & Imagination.

I was lucky enough to have met him backstage at the local "Walk Down Abbey Road" show (w/Rundgren, Entwistle, et al) and he was the nicest guy. He talked at length about the Dark Side of The Moon sessions, which blew me away.

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I loved how Alan Parsons used different singers in his work. It was great hearing John Miles in their earlier and later work. That guy can sing!


He used quite an array of vocalists on his albums. John Miles, Alan Clarke, Colin Blunstone, Lenny Zakatek, Eric Stewart, Chris Thompson,David Pack, even Christopher Cross appeared one one of his later albums.


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