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"Two-Lane Blacktop"- Movie

Billy K.

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If I recall, this was an extremely boring art flick, redeemed only by the great Warren Oates, as the driver of the GTO. It came out about the same time as "Vanishing Point," IMO, another boring road picture which at least had an interesting chase between the driver (Barry Newman) and the cops. (However, James Taylor was very hot at the time.....)

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Sorry guys, I have to disagree. I enjoyed them both. The real stars were the cars. Admittedly neither film was in danger of being nominated for an Oscar, but sometimes, you just gotta watch a car movie. Nothing more, nothing less. Not the best in automotive cinema I will grant you, but far and away better than dreck like Cannonball Run II. Now that mug fest was both lame, boring, and stupid.

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