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Spinning Into Oblivion


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Something that this article didn't mention is that as of late there has been a shift in consumer tastes. And that shift has been to, and no matter how much they want to deny it, video games. It used to be that a teenager would lock himself in a room and play record after record and while away the days after school or during the summer. Now, you can probably find that same teenager online playing SOCOM with his friends. It's immediate and it's interactive. You don't get that with a static media like recorded music.

Another thing is that formats and other media have gotten better and music has stayed relatively the same, save for the MP3 format, and even that hasn't changed in the last five or six years. Video games have gotten better. Compare Metal Gear Solid from 1998 to it's PS3 counterpart that will be released this fall. Movies at home have gotten better. DVD releases are full of extra content and often feature two discs and now with Blu Ray hi def movies are going to be the standard. The compact disc remains unchanged since the 1980's. And while prices of games and movies go down fairly quickly, CD prices have gone up!

But I've said over and over to my friends who follow music that the real villain in all this are the record labels. Why? Because they became so short sighted that they made themselves obsolete by signing countless one hit wonder after another. I remember artists like Cheap Trick who you'd buy every album by when they were released. And I've continued to do so for over 25 years. Now there's no one I can point to and say the same for. I'm in my 30's, I'm not going to buy a Hillary Duff CD or a Backstreet Boys album. I've been shut out of the market. And that's what they're realizing too late.

Lew Bundles had an original copy of Rubber Soul and on the back there was a statment that read;

"The recording you hold in your hands represents the state of the art in sound reproduction. It can not become obsolete".

Oh the irony...

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