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Tequila Sunrise Rocks NY!!!!!!!!!!


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OK - remember the Sunday night show at BB Kings with the Raspberries and how it was so special and the music clicked on all cylinders?????

Well, that's the comparison I just made to our Paulie at Bodles Opera House in Chester NY.

It's the first time we've seen a full line up and the third time we've seen the band. I thought they rocked before, but OH MY GOD WERE THEY AWESOME TONIGHT!!! Standing ovations and people on their feet rocking out! just amazing musicianship from all the boys...

Coincidentally, a group of friends of ours we there and they were blown away.

Yep, Marlene, you were dead right about Paulie on the voice box but these guys just nailed a beautiful set. So much fun and people commented on how they enjoyed watching the guys play because they were having so much fun doing it.

They are coming back to Bodles Sunday Aug 26th and tonight was sold out, so get your tickets soon, kiddies!! They will be at Penn's Peak Aug 25th and Paul says that is a great venue to play (and two of our favorite people will be in attendance????)

Check out this band!

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COOL !! Sounds like everyone had a EXCELLENT time with Tequila Sunrise !! happy You're right, Annie..not only do they SOUND amazing....but they have so much fun, it's just the coolest thing to watch them !! cool

They'll be back in Annapolis, Md. on August 31st, too !! YAY !!! happy


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