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Sex Pistols 30th Anniversary Gig


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The 4 original Sex Pistols just announced that they'll be playing a one-off gig at the Brixton Academy in London on November 8, to commemorate the release of their classic "Never Mind The Bollocks...." album.

I doubt there will be a lottery for tickets like that generated by the Pistols' fellow R&R HoFers Led Zeppelin! On the other hand, they are more likely to actually tour again, as they did in 1996 (the Filthy Lucre Tour) and 2003 (the Piss Off Tour)....great shows both times!

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"I find it funny that the same band that called Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and others "Dinosaurs" back then, are now themselves, dinosaurs! lol"

Jeff - I believe that's called "aging"....and it beats the only alternative!

BTW, the Pistols referring to Led Zep, Pink Floyd, etc., as dinosaurs had more to so with what they considered to be bombastic, self-important segments of the music industry than the bands' ages. I daresay that the Pistols never took themselves that seriously....to the point of telling the R&R HoF what to do with their induction several years ago. (To this date, they still haven't picked up their plaques!) IMO, these guys are still a breath of fresh air!....and Hollies65 is correct, most on this board don't and won't appreciate them, but some of us do......

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