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Merry Christmas from Nancy Wilson from Heart!

Tim From Wisconsin

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Wow... I think she looks better than she did 30 years ago! Goes to show, if you take care of yourself you can look great into your 50s and 60s and beyond..

Well,.... ok, maybe it's just that I never saw Nancy Wilson at that "angle" 30 years ago..


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Originally posted by Tony Cartmill:

The letter "Y" never looked so good. eek

If you know what I mean...

There is nothing wrong with staring at "Cleve - Land" Tony! wink


Good one Tim!

And by the way, I know you're just kidding, but there is truth to your angle on the origins of the city name of "Cleveland".

You see I'm from Ohio, and it happens that my Great, great.......Grandfather, "Pioneer James" was the first settlor in the area that is now known as the city of Cleveland.

When Pioneer James first arrived at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, he spotted several objects on Lake Erie that at first appeared to be buoys.

Upon a closer look, Pioneer James realized that they weren't buoys after all, but were several local Indian women floating on their backs, with...errrrr,... ahem (this is so embarassing)....with their "floating devices" protruding to the sky..!!

Well, Pioneer James had never seen anything like this before, and was so excited that he named this new settlement "Cleavageland".

Through the years though, the name was simplified to "Cleveland", as some of the illiterate settlors (namely The Hollies Klan) had a hard time with the long spelling.

Anyway, I thought this nugget of history might interest the Cleveland people here at EricCarmen.com..


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