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According to a press release posted on classicrockrevisited.com (see the news section), Ringo split with Mark and moved the project to England to work with Dave Stewart of Eurhythmics.

In a nod to George Martin's suggestion for the production credits on "Let It Be," the new CD's credits will read:

Produced by Ringo Starr and Mark Hudson, Over-Produced by Dave Stewart and Ringo Starr

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It's nice that first Paul (last CD), now Ringo are reaching into their creative past to produce retro style music that we all originally loved them for.

I guess R&R artists in many senses, are realizing the roots of the genre is what made it great, and, many of the older artists are not trying to reinvent it, but cherish what got them started.

I had been very disappointed, and found it to be an interesting observation in creativity, on how McCartney's creative talent just stopped abruptly at some point (a while ago), and it was like he ran out of stuff to write. Then, when he comes up with a simple ditty like "Dance Tonight" which could have easily been a Beatles tune, it renews my faith that these artists still have it in them - they just ran out of things to reinvent, and try to newly forge in to.

I think this latest Ringo tune, although not "Photograph" or "With a Little Help", certainly outdoes his last couple of decades of writing, simply by just reaching back.

My 2c for the day.

Happy holidays, all .....

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