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How About Favorite Instrumentals?


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Anyone remember the theme from the British soap, Eastenders? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek8Gex_NYwQ

Ted ~ In the old days, whenever I heard the theme tune I used to sing “Eric Carmen rules OK†to it all the way through (is that stupid?) I don’t watch the programme anymore. It’s been a bit too depressing for me for a few years now. I’m surprised you get EastEnders in America!

I used to love the music in Midnight Express by Giorgio Moroder. I’m gonna have to see if I can replace my LP with the CD! Tingle alert!!


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Julia - I haven't seen Eastenders in years. I was first introduced to the program(me) in 1985 about 6 months before my first trip to the UK. I think I was more hooked on the theme (particulartly the ending) than the show. To my ear the tune was indicative of something Eric might have written.

MJ - in what part of Florida are you located. I am just 30 mins. west of Orlando? Going to Cleve. next month? When do you see Eastenders? Is it on the BBC America channel?

GMan - Stranger On The Shore is a great song. Good choice.

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There is an old movie from 1978 I think with Robert Shaw called Swashbuckler - the beginning theme song to that movie is very uplifting and inspiring in a pirate sort of way.... I wonder if I can find it on You Tube.... the movie was ok - it had the guy from the 7-Up commercials in it and Avery Schriber and Genevieve B.....

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A Walk Through the Black Forrest is magic. It,s also one of the few things I can still play on the piano.

Floyd Cramer's, Let's Pretend, and On the Rebound both top my chart, and he earns a solid second place on my list of all time favorite pianists. First place? Well, duh.

I can't wait for the holidays because Vince Giraldi's Linus and Lucy always gets lots of airplay.

Pat Metheny's Last Train Home and haunting solo guitar version of Ferry 'Cross the Mersey are not to be missed.

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I have an Instrumental Question. I'm trying to remember the name of a seventies instrumental. It opens with an acoustic guitar (almost Spanish sounding), but then later in the piece drums and a horn section come in and the song picks up pace (yeah, not much help, huh). Orchestrations sounds something like:


Some local Cleveland TV station used it back then, possibly for sports broadcasting or professional wrestling. I'm pretty sure it was popular enough to have charted.

Any help is appreciated, though I know that's not much to go on.


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Originally posted by hollies65:

AJ....'Classical Gas' by Mason Williams...used on 'Big Time Wrestling' [Featuring Johnny Powers]

That was it!


Although now I'm ashamed that I must have watched professional wrestling as a kid....
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