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How About Favorite Instrumentals?


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MJ! Great post! WTF!

Theme From A Summer Place- Percy Faith

Summer Means New Love-Beach Boys(Brian)

Because Their Young-Duane Eddy

Take 5-Dave Brubeck

Classical Gas-Mason Williams

Out Of Limits-Marketts

Green Onions- Booker T & MG's

Lets Go Trippin-Dick Dale

The Lonely Surfer-Jack Nitzche(Gorgeous)

Soulful Strut-Bar-Kays


Passing By-Beach Boys

Grazing In The Grass-Hugh Masekela

The In-Crowd-Ramsey Lewis

Mr Rebel-Eddie & The Showmen


Quadrophenia/The Rock-Who. (Though album tracks, I had to include them cause I love them and it would be disrespectful not to.)

So many faves to choose from!

MJ! Great Post!

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Tremontaine--(don't know if I spelled that right) it's by Foreignor. Love it!

Also, ELO had one I liked but I can never think of the name of it and am too lazy to Google it! Lol!

I like Herb and the TB too! Grew up listening to that. My mom had this racey album of theirs with a naked chick on the front covered in whipped cream. Oh my! (actually, I think we've discussed that very album cover on this website some time ago??)


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Yeah Phil, "Love Is Blue" should have been on my list..one of my alltime favorite songs.

A couple others I forgot:

-Overture (from 2112) - Rush...kick fanny way to open up maybe the best album side of music ever, IMHO..

-"A Day Without Rain" - Enya...my favorite track of hers

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Pretty much anything by Danny Gatton, on the 88 Elmira Street album. Interesting takes on "In My Room" and the Theme from the Simpsons.

Whole Lotta Love, by C.C.S. Now that was a cool cover version...and it even became a hit, I believe.

Defining an instrumental as a track without vocals, I also nominate "Nutopian International Anthem" from John Lennon's Mind Games LP. Since he had nothing much to say by this point, the silence was appreciated. (Not entirely true, "Out the Blue" was a good song from that album).

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