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Vinyl on It's Way Back In????


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I hear you on all counts, MJ! Vinyl is a "complete package." There's nothing like holding an album in one's hands and enjoying every aspect of "the way it used to be." I prize my EC and Razz albums and always will. I was looking at my ELP "Brain Salad Surgery" album the other night. Lots of GREAT memories...

smile --Darlene

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Oh great! So now I can get that old stereo out of our parents' basement and run it again! If I can pull it away from my sister... No. I like the newer technology better.

And yes, my mother even had a 16 RPM single of Liberace's!

We even had 78's and 33 and a thirds. Oh yes, and 45's.

Darn needles needed replacing almost every day.

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I'm always going to prefer CD's but I like seeing the return of vinyl from a collectible stand point. It's just more fun to collect. CD's still have some of that collectability. But MP3's are just nondescript and sterile. There's nothing to differentiate them from each other.

I brought that up with someone who was a big advocate of downloading. He tried mocking my preference by saying I enjoy that, in his words, 96khz sound. I told him it wasn't the sound it was everything else. I remember buying my first album in the dollar bin at a local store. It was Cheap Trick's "Live At Budokan" (yeah it was years later but still...). I remember the photos on the jacket, the booklet inside with lyrics, the gatefold sleeve. And years later you can pull that out of someone's collection and say "hey remember this one!". Try getting all that from an MP3 file!

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I'm serious about this one. When CD's wear out, people actually hang them onto mobiles. They paint them, put stickers on them, and all that sort of thing.

Cinyl is a plastic that dries out over time, and belive me, many of my Dad's Spike Jones 78's died because of my childhood clumsiness. Even my high school binders dried out very badly.

So, unless you can seal them tightly, they're not all that strong. Even my Partridge Family vinyls are likely gone.

I am going for the mp3's until something else comes along. It will.

Do you think my Windows disks will last forever? Of course not.

So, unless you can do a really air-tight seal, it's a shame.

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Guest Fresh

I find the whole iPod/mp3 sound experience to be lifeless.Somebody mentioned sterile.That's a good descriptor.My kids play iPods all day long and when they ask me to listen,I always end up thinking how undemanding they are in the sonic quality of their music.When I play LP's or CD's on my vintage hifi system,they always get blown away by the sound,but the effect is short-lived.They like the ability of carrying a device around with 10,000 songs.It is pretty amazing technology.

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Some people can't figure out the difference between the .mp3 and the .wav sound, but I sure can....and there is a major difference.

But on vinyl, there is a property of itself. When I mastered some 45s a number of years ago, the engineer would give it a little bit more treble boost. This is because the bass kind of smooths out when going to vinyl. If you didn't do that, your vinyl disc would sound to "bass-y" and lose the highs, if you compared it with the 1/4 inch master.

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