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Shine a Light

Bob Allen

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Haven't seen it (it's in very limited release so far, in about 3 theaters throughout the DC area), but the promo copy of the 2-disk soundtrack I got is damn good.....even with Jack White and Christina Aguilera as "guest stars"......(Buddy Guy's fine - he always sits in for an old blues number whenever he's around, and he & the Stones go back about 40 years anyway).

P.S. Hollies65 - regarding that Chesterfield Kings tune as the best Stones song of the past 15 years....IMO, their "Let's Go Get Stoned" album from '94 or so was better than any Stones LP from that decade! (Then again, the CKs' "Surfing Rampage" double album was one of the best Beach Boys/Jan & Dean releases of the past 20 years as well......)

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Marv - Hmmmmm...doubtful, unless it's on Amazon (not likely, since I'm sure they don't have it in stock.) Also, I think it's surfin', and I added the g above.

However, I did find an article/review on it at the In Music We Trust site, which shows the cover photo. The guys all cut their hair, cleaned up and donned Pendleton shirts for the cover. This review's from 2001, which is when it finally came out on CD - was released on vinyl in '99, I believe - a double album.


BTW - the cover of "Let's Go Get Stoned" is a blatant rip-off of "Aftermath's" cover....

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Yes and no.....If I recall, it's about 50/50 covers/originals. 32 songs in all. Most shocking to me (and, I'm sure, all other Chesterfield Kings fans), is that the guys have the vocal chops/group harmonies to pull this off, although I don't think they've ever done any of this stuff live, except maybe 1-2 tunes tossed in as encores to their usual trash/punk/hard rock shows. Lemme see if I can find the CD at home....I can burn you a copy.

They continue to surprise....the first song I ever heard from "Let's Go Get Stoned" was their take on the Stones doing Merle Haggard's "Sing Me Back Home"....sounded just like Mick & Keef's raggedly-ass harmonies. I never would have suspected these guys could do Beach Boys-type music.

More reviews of the CD/LP...which may or may not have musical sound bytes - can't tell on my PC. At least the songs are listed...and the quotes from Dominic Priore are noteworthy, as he's one of the world's foremost Beach Boys authorities (wrote the book "Smile: The Story of Brian Wilson's Lost Masterpiece" and used to edit "Look, Listen, Vibrate, Smile", magazine of the Beach Boys' fan club.)


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"Priore is also one of the worlds foremost authorities on Surf and Beach movies. And Gary Usher."

YEAH...and the LA music scene in general as well (his last book, "Riot On Sunset Strip", is quite good, even if the members of Love and The Byrds are mis-labeled in photos throughout the whole book!) My specific reference to his Beach Boys credentials was just to let Marvin know that people much more knowledgeable than yours truly have also ranted about the Chesterfield Kings' surf album.....

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Finally saw "Shine A Light" last night. Man, those close-ups of Ronnie, Keef & Mick's neck are so scary!!! (The older he gets, the more Keef looks like a cross between a garden gnome and Warwick Davis in his make-up in the "Leprechaun" series of horrid horror movies!)

I do need to revise my comments on the guest stars at that Beacon Theater show, though. Jack White came across well, although he wasn't singing in his faux-Led Zeppelin screech that he favors so in The White Stripes. Buddy Guy's cameo came across as pretty lame - weird, weird solos he played, although his voice sounded fine. Christina Aguilera shouldn't sing Stones songs, period, although it was funny watching Keef & Ronnie stare at her ass.

As is usually the case, the show was a banquet of excess for guitar geeks/freaks/junkies. Keef played his usual assortment of vintage tele's, old ES-355s, a TV finish 50s Les Paul Junior, and a 60s Guild Starfire, which he gave to Buddy Guy (and, based on the tinny sound Buddy got from his polka-dot strat during his cameo, that was justified!). Ronnie mostly used his 50s maple neck strat, but also played an ESP tele with a B-bender, an old Firebird V, and a rather generic Les Paul of unknown vintage. I loved the interview where both Ronnie & Keith were asked - "who's the better player of you two?" Ronnie said that he was; Keef said who cares...then amended it to say that they're both pretty lousy, but make a great team together (true statement).....

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