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Test your Elvis knowledge QUIZ


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OK Bob...for the big prize...WHAT"S YOUR NAME??? Come on Bob...starts with a B... Bob...time's running out......

That one Hollies?

The ONLY book I ever read on Elvis was called "Elvis, What Happened?' which came out just weeks before he died.

THOSE guys...the ones who wrote it/contributed to its writing were the ONLY guys who seemed to care about him. The 'vultures' who circled Presley over the last year or so of his life didn't care about him at all. Just wanted to pick his bones. The deterioration was plainly evident in every way imaginable. And no one did anything...except for that book.

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As a die-hard Presley fan,I'm afraid I only got 9 out of ten.How embarrassing.I could have sworn one of Elvis' idols was Jackie Wilson.He even had him on the set of"Girls,Girls,Girls" during the Return to Sender number.You can see him sitting with his back to the camera.Oh well,better luck next time.

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