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Looking Glass

John P

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I've been a long time fan of the 1st album by 70's 1 hit wonders Looking Glass. The music is somewhat reminiscent of early Doobie Brothers. I hear that the singer/guitarist Elliot Lurie has put together an all new version of Looking Glass and is playing live shows. Has anyone seened them or have any info on this supposed new incarnation? Elliot has been working in the movie soundtracks industry for the last 20 years. The original bass player after Looking Glass went on to join the group Starz and is deceased. The others fell off the face of the earth. Would like to know about this alleged new incanartion. John

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That first, self title LP was incredible. I hadn't made the Doobie Brothers connection but can see it; I'd always thought a lot of the stuff sounded a little like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Especially "Catherine Street" and "From Station to Station" while "One By One" might have been the first true "contemporary Christian" tune.

I had read that Lurie was totally disenchanted with the single of "Brandy" as it was far more orchestrated than they originally performed it live and of course that their live act was far grittier than the slick production of the LP.

I acquired a CD a couple of years back off of eBay, a compilation from Sony's "Collectables" label. It essentially had the first LP plus a few other songs. Jimmy Loves Mary Ann and Rainbow Man were the other singles I was a ware of but my God... the guy who took over for Elliot as lead singer... I could not stand a single track aside from the first LP and those two singles...

IF Lurie's assembled a band and they perform the first LP's material, I'd love to hear them or see them.

Here's a pretty cool bio from CMT.com


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1. Cool news about Looking Glass - always did like them.

2. No, no, no!!! Right idea, totally wrong song and composer. Barry Manilow's "Mandy" was orginally titled "Brandy". Was written by Scott Enlgish and Richard Kerr. English recorded the original 1971 single of "Brandy". Yes, Clive Davis sent him the song and wanted it to stay uptempo like the demo. Manilow played around both with the ballad and faster versions, playing the uptempo for Clive who hated it even though it was what he claimed he wanted. Manilow hauled out the ballad version and the rest is history.

Manilow has recorded other Kerr compositions including: "Somewhere in the Night" (written with Will Jennings), "Life Will Go On" (with John Bettis), "Looks Like We Made It" (again with Jennings). The story about "Brandy" being about a dog isn't true. Apparently English was awakened at 7a one day by a reporter who asked who Brandy was. To make him stop, English says, " 'It was about a dog like Lassie and I sent her away. Now you go away!' I said and hung up on him. I guess I'll have to live with that story."

OK, I'll stop now...back to taxes. (Bleah!)


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Lurie was actually a record company excecutive for some period of time. I remember sending demos to him in the late 70s/early 80s(of course rejected).

Also, "Jimmy Loves MaryAnne" was covered by Josie Cotton...it was really funny seeing that video on MTV when it first came out...

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