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Best "Live" Song?

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With the "pending" release of the new RASPBERRIES LIVE CD/DVD/WHATEVER/WHENEVER I got thinking. We've never had an actually sanctioned live recording of a RASPBERRIES song before and I wondered up to now, what were your favorite "Live" songs. Obviously we'll all have new favorites once we get our new CD/DVD/WHATEVER/WHENEVER... smile

For my part, my top three are:

3. Katmandu from the Live Bob Seger and the Silver Bullett Band LP is a song I love to hear anytime.

2. Free Bird from Lynyrd Skynyrd's "One More From The Road" is like being reborn for a guy from the south!

1. The ultimate however has got to be, for me, "Do You Feel Like I Do?" from Peter Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive!"... the most successful live album I can think of and what that legendary Carnigie Hall concert would have been had the boys been allowed to do the recording!

Now... I'm listening to your choices...


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most of my favorite live recordings have come from bootlegged audience tapes where you really get the best sense of the sound & power of the show (if properly caught on tape/disc)

so my choices are very personal, although i can not live without side one (or 2,3 & 4) Kiss Alive...

1. SCREEN TEST (aka The Flashcubes minus 1)- Hello Suzie (cover of The Move song) live at The Lost Horizon unreleased

2. SOMETHING HAPPENS- Forget Georgia (live at The China Club) unreleased

3. NEIL YOUNG- Motion Pictures (live at The Bottom Line) unreleased

4. JONI MITCHELL- A Case Of You (from "Miles Of Aisles")

5. THE CLASH- Complete Control ("From Here To Eternity Live")

6. HAMELL ON TRIAL- 7 Seas (from "Ed's Not Dead: Hamell Comes Alive")

7. RADIOHEAD- Fake Plastic Trees (live on Conan O'Brien) unreleased

8. JOHN WESLEY HARDING- When The Beatles Hit America (live on KROQ) unreleased

9. GRANT LEE BUFFALO- Fuzzy (live on Conan O'Brien) unreleased

10. EVAN DANDO- My Drug Buddy (live at McCabe's) unreleased

11. BIG STAR- Motel Blues (from "Big Star Live")

12. DAVID BOWIE- Hang On To Yourself (from "Bowie At The Beeb" both versions)

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Katmandu live is also one of my all time faves, "Travelin Man/Beautiful Loser" from the same album is also up there, & your other 2 are also very good Pauli.


"Summer Love", "Like You Do", "Golden Country", REO Speedwagon

"Backwater", "4500 Times", "Caroline/Bye Bye Johnny", Status Quo

"Bridge Over Troubled Waters", sung by Art Garfunkle at the Simon & Garfunkle Central Park concert

"Tonight" and "Greatest Discovery" from Elton John's live album recorded in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

"Traveling Salvation Show", Neil Diamond

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Spirits in the Night - Springsteen Live 75 85

High Wire Days - Tommy Keene Showtunes

Simon Simone - The Figgs Continue to Enjoy the Figgs

Soul Shoes - Graham Parker Last Rock n Roll Tour

Deuce - Kiss Alive

Fool For the City - Foghat Live

Hearts on Fire - Bryan Adams Live Live Live

White Lies - Jason and the Scorchers Live

I didn't include any boots.

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Boy, this is tough - I love live music! Lots of good choices so far. Early, I love the entire Foghat Live album!

One that came to me right away is "Never Been Any Reason" on Head East Live. It's unfortunate that this has yet to be released on cd, but every now and again I will bring out this double album set, the cassette, or even the 8-Track and play it loud!


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I'm So Afraid - Fleetwood Mac (Live)

Midwest Midnight - Michael Stanley Band (Stagepass)

Running On Empty,The Load-Out/Stay - Jackson Browne (Running On Empty)

I Don't Need No Doctor - Humble Pie (Rockin the Fillmore)

Break Your Heart - Barenaked Ladies (Rock Spectacle)

Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding Elton John (Here and There)

Badlands - Bruce Springsteen (Live in NYC)

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Silver Springs-FleetwoodMac from the "DANCE" DVD.

The Last Resort-The Eagles from HELL FREEZES OVER DVD.

DOGS-Evening with Roger Waters DVD.


All of these are able to take advantage of the late 1990's-2006 tech with 5.1 sound/mix and so forth and unfair to compare live recordings from other eras.

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A few of my faves include:

1. "Distant Lover" - Marvin Gaye

2. "Still In Love With You" - Thin Lizzy ("Live & Dangerous")

3. "Clock Strikes Ten" - Cheap Trick ("At Budokan")

4. "100,000 Years" - Kiss ("Kiss Alive!")

5. "Wheel In The Sky" - Journey ("Captured")

6. The entire first side of Todd Rundgren's "Back To The Bars"

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