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The Worst Song...Ever.

Bob Allen

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I'm w/ BMP on the ripperton tune -- song is annoying!!

On Brand New Key --- I never knew if it was a spoof tune or not!

Hey bahoodore -- sounded good from here -- you pretty much got down the Elvis vocal signature.

How obscure --- Werewolves of London? -- A Jammin' little ditty!!

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Allentown IS great, and so are a lot of Billy's other songs. He may not be your cup of tea, but there's no question about his talent. There's a song on one of his later albums, I think it's called "Lullabye", that he wrote for his daughter. I think that's his best song ever and, let me tell you, it's alsolutely heartbreakingly beautiful. I wish I had written it. ec

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EC, and all:

I DO like Allentown -- and You May Be Right.

First is a has a cool point of view, the latter is a good straight ahead rocker.

The rest: Keep it.

And "We Didn't ..." is the bottom of the barrel.

Billy can also be a little disingenuous about his roots and influences. I'm travelling. If I get the time when I get home I'll dig up the references and post a (brief) follow up.


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"Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" by Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts.

That nasty Disco travesty "Ring my Bell"

I love The Knack, but "Mr. Handleman" from their second album is just way over the top. Its about a guy pimping his wife.

Alot of folks think "Baby Talks Dirty" by the Knack is a bit much. Any song about a barely legal, bisexual, sado-masochistic young lady with a love of backdoor activity is gonna make a lot of lists.

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I have seen Billy Joel live more than any other act for a reason, he's great. He can't even fit all his hits into an evening. To prove he can rock he even did a Led Zepplin medly once.

Scenes From An Italian Restaraunt..

"They got an apartment with deep pile carpet

And a couple of paintings from Sears

A big waterbed that they bought with the bread

They had saved for a couple of years

They started to fight when the money got tight

And they just didn't count on the tears."

May sound trite but it sure paints a picture of young struggling newlyweds. I love the line "..just didn't count on the tears".

"Only the Good Die Young" My personal fave.

BJ's in my top 5 with Macca and Eric.

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I've been a fan of Billy's since "The Stranger" (still one of my favourite albums of all time), and sure he's got some songs that are duds, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any artist who doesn't have some of those in his catalogue. I've seen Billy 3x in Mtl, and each time he put on a fabulous show.

Thanks to Billy Sullivan, I got to meet Liberty DeVito (Joel's drummer for 30 years) last year at Billy J Kramer show here in Cgy.


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With no disrespect to Mr Carmen I do see in certain publications "All By Myself" gets mentioned as one of the worst songs. The book "The worst rock n roll records of all time" by Jimmy Gutterman and Owen O'Donnell lists it at #21. Sorry, Eric. Though I got no problem with your best known song. John

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Billy and Eric, both born in 49, Billy started playing piano at age 4, 1st band at 14, First album contract dispute, went into hiding, piano bars west coast under the name Billy Martin, radio started playing live bootleg Capt Jack, got popular, put together a band, live act became urban legend, Clive hunted him down in 73, signed him, first hit, ballad, Piano Man (story of his time in hiding) The Stranger, biggest selling album in the history of Columbia Records from 77-85. No small feat, big label.

Some similarities with another piano player, EC.

Can't explain why such a hit machine can go dark for so long, since 1993's The River.

With Clive signing Billy in 73 for Columbia, and Eric in 75 for the newly formed Arista, you'd think think the two have met at some Clive party. Eric: Have you met Billy?

PS. I think he may be the only adult I know that was born with the name William and still goes by "Billy."

He's getting up there, if he's ever in town, and you haven't seen him, don't miss the chance to see Billy live. Just like Eric is far more rock than ABM, Billy is far more rock than Piano Man and Just the Way You Are, live. Clive just liked his signed piano players to pump out piano ballads in the mid 70's.

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