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The Worst Song...Ever.

Bob Allen

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Performance makes or breaks a song in many cases. If one doesn't like the performance...

Like the Beach Boys doing Louie Louie. Not unlike the original by Richard Berry...but no where near as cool as the Kingsmen's version. They sounded dorky...REALLY dorky. If one doesn't like Melanie's little girl sound...or Tom Waits rasp or Elvis lazing his bloated way through My Way...the songs take a dump. [like it's the songs fault!!!]

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"Ben" or "Bin" as Michael Jackson prounonces it. Great premise. A love song to a rat. Perfect. Check please! ec

Brings us to Muskrat Love --- and I actually

like some of the America stuff.

(Eric: This may have been our 1st clue that

Michael Jackson was a freakazoid)

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I hated "Goin' Up The Country" when it was out. I used to think it sounded like the singer accidentally inhaled a harmonica and it lodged deep in his throat somewhere. It doesn't seem quite so bad now, compared to stuff like "My Humps." ec

This comment had me sitting here laughing out loud like an idiot. haha Good one, Eric.

Re: "Ebony and Ivory" --- yeah.... I tend to be more tolerant of Paul's "low points" than most, but I'd agree that this song is dreck. So is "Say Say Say," for that matter. All I can think is, he did both of those songs within the first couple of years after John Lennon was killed... Maybe he was still in shock? Regardless, I bet even Paul wishes he could reel both songs back in.

And aren't you glad he didn't call you at the time and say, "Eric, I've got a new song I'd like you to sing with me... It's a luvely duet, and it's got us sitting side by side at me piano.... Oh Lord...."? :-)

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"Disco Duck" - How the heck was that a hit!!!!


"I've got to get me a woman!"

People could relate to that little fella. Not that gettin' a woman was necessarily right for EVERYBODY. For them...the reverse of beastiality might have been the 'key'.

By the way Rick Dees did the song. The Caste of Idiots were the people who bought it.

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Bahoo's Video Review:

Tony: "A Good rendition of a crappy song."

Randy: "Yo Yo Yo Check it out, Dawg. You were a little pitchy at the end..."

Paula: Andy, You really gave it your all and...I think I just took double doses of my prescription drugs...so I'm actually seeing two of you...

Simon: Andy, your performance seemed like you were singing to a bunch of drunks at a New Years Eve party...Oh, you were?...Jolly good then old bean!

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Hey! Thanks RaspyRock...that was fun band, we did a lot of obscure stuff too...I was always lucky to be surrounded by many great singers who could sing harmony like nobody<s business....this particular performance however does not really represent what they were capable of...the backups sound off to me...we also winged this tune completely...and I was little short too!!!


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I was ready to pounce on this thread when Bob started it, but counted to 10, then 100, now 1,000 and I can't resist:

We Didn't Start the Fire by schlock-miester Billy Joel.

Self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-pitying babyboomer BS.

And he's ripping off The Temps "Ball of Confusion." Unbelievable.

I feel better.


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Same topic 3+ years ago:

posted February 13, 2004 05:57 PM


"Ebony And Ivory" always seemed like such a waste of great talent. Kirk.


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Hey, great minds think alike spin Kirk.

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