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The Worst Song...Ever.

Bob Allen

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Last evening at the gym, a song came on the sound system that, in my view, is quite possibly the strongest contender yet for absolute worst song in the world. As it was playing, I was enraptured by its sheer horribleness on every imaginable front. I had not heard this song, which was a big hit years ago, well, since it was a big hit years ago. I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if there is a human being on this planet - including the person who wrote the song - who would list this particular tune as their all-time favorite song." The titles of dozens of tunes that one would normally consign to the 'worst tunes of all time' list went through my mind, but I could not think of one that beat this one out for absolute awfulness. The height of the musical rubbish pile. Nothing by Journey or Rush, or Boston -- all prime purveyors of crap in their day. Even Morris Albert's 'Feelings' sounds like 'Yesterday' in comparison to this song. Next to me was a heavy-set, sweaty woman tapping her foot to this song. I wanted to kill her (not an unsual reaction for me when it comes to heavy-set, sweaty women). The song in question? 'Freeze Frame' by the J. Geils Band.

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So bad you had to post it twice! crazycrazy


The worst song for me remains that horrible walk through hades with The Singing Nun and 'Dominique'. I still hurl [and not Linda Blair pea soup either] whenever I think of how the airwaves of late '63/early '64 were contaminated by that aural HORROR. That Ed Sullivan had her on to regergitate that out over the television sets of North America only verified that there was, in fact, a HELL.

Play that song anywhere near me and I'll have you exterminated.

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Some of the songs and artists I used to hate, I now like (Helen Reddy for example) and songs that I liked (and I must have, if I bought the 45) I can't stand (Disco Duck, New Kid in Town)...

Different strokes, for different folks. Freeze Frame is OK and I actually like the Pina Colada song!!!

I would like see the worse songs of all time on this thread and for every one stinker, there will probably be someone who says they like that song.

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I hate to break this to you Bob, but a very good friend from High School LOVED Freeze Frame. He would go crazy when he was in my car and it would come on the radio. He would pound on the dashboard, so much so that he knocked my rearview mirror off once. Derrick went to Bloomsburg College and disappeared during one of the breaks. His family never heard from him again. Derrick was a riot, so I kind of have a special place in my heart for Freeze Frame.

P.S. To tell you the truth, I never hated the song, but then again, I like Journey and Boston too.

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The first song on my guaranteed to gag me list has long been Frank Mills Music Box Dancer...My gag reflex was so strong that the first time i heard it on the station i was working at back in '79...i called in to ask if something was wrong...did the DJ play it by mistake?...Maybe it's OK for the knitting and crocheting station...But what are you gonna follow that with on a top 40 station?

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"Going up the Country" - Canned Heat

"Never Been to Me" - This so bad, I can't ever remember who sang it

"One Moment in Time" - Whitney Houston

"White Flag" and "Thank You" - Dido

I rather listen to "Freeze Frame" by J. Geils anyday than the junk listed above.

But then, I like Boston too!

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I'm with you Hollies...love 'em both...and Boston and some Journey and some J Geils....There'll always be people who love what we dislike and loathe what we love...See Dan...we're on the same page again too.

Keeping in mind that I like way more than I dislike...recently we ran a thread at another site I visit looking to make the "crappiest mix tape ever". Here's mine...editted due to language more 'flowery' than is acceptable here...


OK...Here it is. {new from k-tel} 'S**T x 15...songs for your outdoor crapper' (volume 1)

1. Dominique...The Singing Nun

2. The Lord's Prayer...Sisiter Janet Mead

3. The Ballad of the Green Berets...Sgt. Barry Saddler

4. Feelings...Morris Albert

5. Una Paloma Blanca...George Baker Selection

6. Honey...Bobby Goldsboro

7. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows...Leslie Gore

8. Goodnight...Beatles

9. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy/Chewy, Chewy, Chewy mega dance mix...Ohio Express

10. My Heart Will Go On...Celine Dion

11. Louie Louie...Beach Boys

12. My Way...Elvis Presley

13. Annie's Song...John Denver

14. Sweet and Innocent...The Osmonds

15. The Candy Man...Sammy Davis Jr.

bonus tracks

16. Mr. Lee...Bobbettes

17. Downtown...Mrs. Miller

18. Money...Flying Lizzards

19. Short Shorts...Royal Teens

20. Release Me...Englebert Humperdink

Each cd comes with a complimentary CASE of quintuple-strength toilet paper. So you don't forget...order your's before midnight tonight.

volume 2 is in the works and pre-orders are also being accepted.


Cheese never smelled or tasted THIS bad. winklaugh

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