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The Best Song Ever!!


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Hard to pick a BEST song ever...there are SO many great songs and depending on the mood of the moment...the song suggested can be replaced at a moments notice.

For a Raspberries' song...I love 'Overnight Sensation'...no two ways about it. [aka] 'Hit Record' was just so forward thinking...but the one that REALLY makes me feel GREAT every single time I hear it is 'Cruisin' Music'. That captures everything that picks me up in a song...and it does it every time. NO exceptions.

Obviously I must be a Beach Boys fan and it is their song 'Good Vibrations' that remains as the song that struck me as THE coolest, most innovative step forward in 'modern' music. SO head and shoulders ahead of any other song that suddenly appeared out of absolutely nowhere and then lept out of that box to lap the entire field...again and again and again. NO OTHER SONG has ever struck me quite that way. AND it sounded SO cool...so beautiful...so powerful...so UNIQUE.

The first Led Zeppelin ALBUM did that to me too. Nothing before it had ever captured THAT brand of overpowering 'oomph'. A brave step forward that blazed so many trails...some great...some not so great but so it goes. THE best ROCK album ever recorded...by a country mile.

There is SO much to choose from but that song and that album were completely unparalleled and nothing else has even come close to jolting me with that kind of positivity...before or since.

Given all of that I think that if I was rolling down Main Street on a sunny, summer, Saturday afternoon the one song that would most likely make me roll the windows down and crank the radio UP all the way would be 'Cruisin' Music'

Thanks Eric. It's just one of the MANY reasons why I frequent this site...and buy your albums.

[And that all started with 'Go All the Way'.]

Thanks for the inspiration Raspy. cool

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Impossible to narrow it down. There are some that I love for the inventive way they've been constructed:

1. My Brave Face

2. Veronica

3. Smoke From A Distant Fire

4. Overnight Sensation

There are some that I love for their pure pop feel:

1. I Wanna Be With You

2. Precious to Me

3. I'm On Fire (Dwight Twilley)

Then there are some that just hit the right spot for me:

1. No Matter What

2. Time Of the Season

3. Don't Worry Baby

So the 'best song ever'? Depends when and where you catch me.


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An impossible task to come up with one song; but here are a couple that I wish I'd written, which for me is the ultimate test:

Roll Over Beethoven

Everybody's Try'n To Be My Baby

Long Tall Sally

Mean Woman Blues


God Only Knows

Whiter Shade Of Pale

This Boy

MacArthur's Park

American Tune


The list goes on and on...

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The best ever to me, or at least the one song I'd ask to hear if I was about to check out permanently......"I Trusted You" by Andy Kaufman, performed only once publicly (per his ex-girlfriend Lynne Margulies), on The Midnight Special...(and available on Youtube)

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Whenever I think of "My Brave Face," I think of a song called "Brave Face" by songwriter Sandy Ramos. My girlfriend Judy went to school with Sandy and Sandy wrote "Brave Face" for her. The amount of music Sandy has produced is staggering. She has written for Faith Hill among others. Anyone else familiar with Sandy's music?

smile --Darlene

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Virtually impossible to name the 'best song ever' of course, but 'No Matter What', 'Let's Pretend', 'Ticket to Ride', 'Go All the Way' and 'Hard to Say Goodbye' [sung by Claudine Longet] come to mind at this particular moment. Oh, and 'Boats Against the Current.'

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