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This is a quote from Don Felder. Who do you think he is talking about as the "best guitarist"? I've taken out the guitarist's name. See if you can guess.


The best rock ’n’ roll guitarist I’ve ever met is ???. He has the most brilliant dexterity and the ability to just play completely freely. Duane Allman was a good guitar player but he was probably the most unique slide guitar player. Everybody else that played the old black blues music had played it on acoustic guitar, and Duane had taken that heritage and transferred it onto electric guitar, a Les Paul, and turned up this amp, and it was just smoking. But ???, to me, is the most creative, innovative guitar player I’ve ever seen. He can play anything, literally.


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The key words here might be "The best rock ’n’ roll guitarist (does this eliminate a 'blues' guitarist?) ' I’ve ever met", (is there someone better but Felder never met him?), 'Duane Allman' (some kind of connection? Toured with or used to be in a band with Allman?, and 'a Les Paul'. (I assume this person plays one). Steve's 'Yardbirds Trio' comes to mind (although I think Clapton is over-rated) Dickie Betts? Maybe Chet Atkins? A long shot in Bernie Leadon. The problem is that none of those guys would be considered a 'rock & roll' guitarist. It's probably an older guy than Felder, so for the sake of the thread, I'll guess James Burton. (I'll bet it's not Joe Walsh).

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I've read the book, plus several interviews with Felder, and I know the answer.....and interestingly enough, that particular guy hasn't really played rock & roll in years (aside from a '93 album that was a tribute to a 50s rocker and his guitarist). Enough of a hint?

Any yes, he IS the most innovative, creative guitarist alive!

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The quote is not from Felder's book, but instead from a recent interview in Maclean's magazine (Canadian publication). Most of you were on the right track: the answer is in fact, Jeff Beck.

Anyone want to come forward and offer another trivia question? Doesn't have to be about a guitarist.

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