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Greatest Hits Volume 1 Jinx !?!?

John P

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A decade ago I read a article in Entertainment Weekly chronicling recording artists whose careers and outputs of hits fizzled after releasing a Greatest Hits Volume 1 cd Here are some that come to mind: 1. Van Halen-Best Of Volume 1 2. Bachman Turner Overdrive - Best of BTO (So Far) 3. Bryan Adams- So far so good 4. Hall + Oates-Rock and Soul, Pt 1: Greatest Hits 5.Earth, Wind, and Fire- Best of Vol 1 (I know there's a Vol 2 but only a few bona fide hits are on that one) and there are others which I can't think off the top of my head, any body please chip in and add in your 2 cents. Is this some sort of a jinx with Volume 1!?!? John

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To be fair, Van Halen Vol 1 & 2 doesn't imply there will be a volume 3 like "Volume 1" would imply.

The Eagles "Greatest hits 1971-1975" was followed up with a volume 2, it had 7 hits from the 2 albums that followed, the single from their first live album and was rounded out with 3 album cuts including 1 that from an album from the time period that the first greatest hits covered. But all in all they were able to follow up a greatest hits collection with a title that implied there could be another collection.

Elton John had Greatest Hits Volume 2 and Volume 3. But his first greatest hits wasn't entitled Volume 1 so it really wouldn't fall under the curse.

And it seems that most other artists that had a Greatest Hits Vol 2 didn't name their first set Vol 1 - Chicago, John Denver & Linda Ronstadt for example. Naming collections Vol 1 & 2 when released after the artist's career doesn't really count.

I does seem like they're tempting fate when some calls their Greatest Hits "Vol 1".

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At least all of the bands you mentioned have several hits worthy of a "GH" compilation. It amazes me how many groups now are coming out with "GH" releases when they have only put out a few records. Mandy Moore, yes, Mandy Moore, has a greatest hits record out. While I definately think she is a cutie, I couldn't tell you one song she has done!

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Bob Marley's first greatest hits package...'Legend'...was released in 1984. As he was already 'gone' [as in dead]...it didn't hurt his career...as a matter of fact...it is one of the top selling greatest hits/best of albums ever...in ANY genre of music. Other Bob lps have been released since he expired including his second greatest hits package...'Natural Mystic'...which did quite well too.

But...as that is hardly a fair example...the Beach Boys Best of Volume 1 lp was released shortly after [like weeks] the release of Pet Sounds because the 'deep thinkers' at Capitol Records were worried. THAT did hurt Brian [personally] and the group because even though they would go on to record some brilliant music over the next 15 years or so...[and Brian much more recently] they never fared as well again with releases of NEW material. I wonder how they [Capitol] avoided doing THAT to the Beatles until all was said and done?

Record companies. :rolleyes: I mean all you have to do is go read what Eric had to endure with Arista and the Raspberries with a record company already mentioned in this post. [see the Eric/Barry Manilow thread elsewhere on this message board...Inside Story eek ]

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