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Guitar Player roll call...what do you play......


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Kirk, I had a "baglamas" which is effectively a small bouzouki. Problem is, the back of the bowl cracked and split, and I ended up selling to someone who needed parts.

I'm thinking of picking up one next time I'm in Greece.

Surprisingly, many bouzoukis are sold in Ireland. For some unknown reason, many Irish musicians own one. Ireland also is the third-largest bouzouki manufacturing country, behind Greece and Cyprus.

The Irish versions, though, generally have flat backs, and don't have the "gourd/bowl". Fender did start making a bouzouki, too, about two years ago...but I am not sure if it is still in


GHS in Michigan makes the string sets for the 8-string, which is essentially the standard. Before

1930 or so, the "traditional" bouzouki was a 6-string version, like a big mandolin. They are still being made, but the 8-string far outsells the 6-string.

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