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Problem Receiving Cleveland Tickets?


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Has anyone had a problem receiving their tickets for the Cleveland show? I ordered two sets...I took the first two in case I couldn't get better seats and then ordered two more that were in a better location. The second two I marked to ship by Federal Express and I received them within a few days. The first two were to be sent by mail and I still haven't received them.

Tickets.com said they were sent a few days after they were ordered. They guarantee the tickets at the wil call window the day of the show but that doesn't help because these are extra tickets that I have to sell. I just wondered if anyone else had a problem.

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Unfortunately they can't do anything about it.

They can print the tickets 2 days before the show. If I needed the tickets to sell to someone I have to drive an hour to Cleveland to get them. Once they are printed they would void the other set so if someone tried to use them they wouldn't be able to. Somehow I'm a little concerened about that. So I guess I'm stuck.

By trying to get better seats I'm ending up paying double for them.

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Or, you could find someone who can verify this info by calling the venue, and will bring you cash and meet you the day of the show so you can sell them that way in person. Or if you can't find anyone to do that, maybe the venue will make an exception and give you a refund that day so they can sell the tickets to someone else directly.

I have an extra to sell now too, but I did receive mine in the mail, so all I need now is someone to mail it to. Anyone want a fantastic seat in row E?

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