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Modern Drummer Mentions Show & CD


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There's a small but important mention of the New York Raspberries gig in Modern Drummer (December 1, 2007, "Headlines From The Drumming World" page).

It's written by Billy Amendola, an associate editor of Modern Drummer magazine, as part of his "Calling All Pop-Heads!" report.

He notes the "fantastic wave of pop lately" and shares "some of what I've been digging on my iPod" with his readers.

He writes (next to a photo of the "Live On Sunset Strip" CD cover about a fourth of the way down the page):

"...Finally, a couple of weeks ago I caught a fabulous concert by one of the first and best power pop bands, The Raspberries. Drummer Jim Bonfanti and the rest of the band recently reunited, and earlier this year released a brand new CD/DVD package, Live On Sunset Strip. Jim sounded awesome on his vintage Ludwig kit."

Don Krider :)

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Grins - thanks for the myspace page on Dave - :) I'm glad at least people are writing the Raspberries and Jim - we need to get them back into the minds of all the fans who really need to be seeing the shows but are not committed enough to attend!

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