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Last Show Pics?

chris hess

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And I realize I'm quite remiss in not posting anything so far. It's absolutely stunning how I've been trying to move forward and keep getting knocked back on my kiester as regards this computer. I've lost 2 hard drives in the last couple of months. I've had different problems uploading to my server. I had planned to do some today, when last night I realized that my installation of MS Office was so corrupted I'll have to reinstall windows and everything again. I'm backing up now. I haven't forgotten. My apologies.

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OK! You won't believe it, but I spent the last couple of days working hard, and I've now got four pages of Cleveland concert pix and 3 pre-show pix up on my photography website. I've improved the look of the website a bit too, fixed up most of the BB King's and Highline pages, and have added an organizational page for all my Raspberries pix, called "Razzland". Why Razzland? See, it started in 1997 with Moodyland, then a few years later continued with Maccaland. You get the idea.

The concert pix are all much crisper in original format, having been reduced to 1/100th the file size for faster loading. I mention this in case anyone would want prints. All were taken from my seat (or the last song or two from the stage to where we all rushed... remember?) (Sorry I couldn't get more of Jim, but either Wally or the cymbals were in front of him much of the time from my vantage point.)

So here's the portal: www.maggieclarke.com

Have fun!

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Thanks! Awesome pics..... In a way, they kill me, because I got snowed in and missed that great (by all accounts) concert. But on the other hand, your photos ease the pain.... They also remind us that the Raspberries are a true rock'n'roll treasure.

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