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Friday at the State Theater

Eric Carmen

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Ecstasy said:

And all of the guys laughing and barely able to contain themselves while Eric is doing his best McCartney imitation. That just can't be duplicated and we thrived on every minute of it! heartpump

Which song was that? I saw it happening, enjoyed taking the pictures of it, and didn't make the connection to Paul. Speaking of Macca, wouldn't it be neat to do some of his Wings material in a concert? Band on the Run comes to mind. :-) I did that karaoke at a place in Cape Cod Labor Day weekend (though I'd sung it for years it didn't hit me till I was doing it in front of people that it's not an easy song to sing well and powerfully), but got a kick out of being picked out, recognized and applauded for the performance in a different restaurant a couple of days later by some total strangers. But I digress.

One of the many things that I really enjoy about the Raspberries is that I like Eric's vocal ranges and styles, and Wally, particularly in those songs where he sounds like John Lennon. When those are on, I just love to sing along. Having graduated from the going-to-sleep-with-the-transistor by the time I was 10, I was well primed when the Beatles came to town (I lived in Miami) and will always have a nostalgic spot in my heart for them.

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Brava, Trindy!! Your post so eloquently summed up what we all feel.

I've long thought it would be interesting to develop a college course on the Raspberries --along the lines of the anatomy of a Raspberry song. But, so much of the magic is the synergy that results from their unique talents coming together. However the magic originates, it's absolute joy to be able to participate in it this time around!


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i felt like nothing i've ever have meeting people i never met,but yet,i felt like i knew them..strange,but yet a good deep down feeling i never felt before..hard to explain..but i sure as hell loved it!!..ticket to ride was hilarious w/eric doin the head thing..they were havin' such pure fun..a sight to see indeed!! lol,chris

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