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Other Concerts & Happenings That Weekend


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Van Morrison, BTW, is at the United Palace Theater, from 10/12 to 10/14. Tickets are from around $80 to $250.

Other, more reasonably priced shows:

10/12 - Bowery Ballroom - The Raveonettes

10/12 - Tori Amos - WaMu Theater (Madison Sq. Garden)

10/12 - Mary Weiss (ex-Shangri-Las) - Southpaw, Brooklyn

and, if I get a Village Voice, I suspect I'll find dozens more....

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LobsterLvr said:

Everything in NY is within walking distance. The island is only 3/4 of a mile wide. And every 20 blocks (north and south) is a mile.

That's a true New Yorker for you --one who thinks nothing of walking all over Manhattan. I'm the same way, although I've learned that many visitors get quite sore after a day of sightseeing!!


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I'm in the city quite often "all by myself" and at all hours of the day and night. I have never had a problem. I'm not one for the subway system. I'm not afraid of taking the subways, I just don't understand (or call it stoo-pid) the A trains, B trains, E trains, and so forth. So, I get around with what God gave me....my two legs. There is so much to see and do, I'd be afraid I'd miss something if I didn't walk !!

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Diane's right. NYC is fine.

Don't let any out-of-towners tell you otherwise.

I've lived and/or worked here since 1981.

I come into the city everyday to work on madison ave. I was never mugged. I haven't heard of anyone being mugged, threatened, or frightened in over 15 years.

Yes, in the 80's it was awful!! But so were fashion and hairstyles.


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We visited NYC twice in 2005 and loved it, loved it, loved it. Never felt frightened walking around. But there was that weird-o pretending to be practicing yoga in Central Park that kept trying to attract my attention to his "junk" hanging out of his short shorts. :blink:

The timing doesn't work out for us for this show, we can only pray this is only the first of more to come.

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