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I was thinking "I Can Remember" may have been the best on the discs.

All of the chord and tempo changes, recreating this sound seemed like it might have been one of the hardest to acheive.

I am still blown away by this great effort!!!

PS What's the Easter Egg??? Was a surprise hidden somewhere in this collection>?

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I finally got to "really watch" the DVD, but I was listening to the commercial version as soon as I tracked it down.(FYE has a customer for life)

DWTSG was never my favorite 'berries song, but the live version seems different and much better than the original. I really liked Makin' It Easy. The new intro worked great. I'm a Rocker is my favorite today, but Let's Pretend coukd be there tomorrow. I would have loved to hear Might As Well Give In. I still have that hat I bought in '76 so I could look like Wally!


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I'll keep adding to my list of favorite cuts... I love "If You Change Your Mind" - both versions but I really missed the "screaming" at the end of the song. I think that Eric said in his book that it "sounded like someone stepping on a cat's tail". But nevertheless it was a riveting performance!


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There are too many incredible moments on the DVD to single out just one.

• Should I wait was as smooth as they ever played it.

• Makin' It Easy was sensational. The harmonies were just perfect and the backup instrumentation was first rate.

• Eric's voice on If You Change Your Mind blew me away and

• Wally was at the top of his game all night. His vocal on The Party's Over was classic. He was NEVER better. He owned that song at that moment.

• Let's Pretend was - well ... I'm out of superlatives. It's just a timeless gem of a power-pop ballad.

• Hard to get over a Heartbreak was not one of my favorites but when they do it live it is very special. It doesn't sound like the same song.

• I guess the masterpiece of the DVD is I'm A Rocker. It was slower than the recorded version but sooo much stronger. The middle guitar jams were the best I have ever heard. Billy, Pauly and Wally were super tight. They really looked like they were having a good time.

I know I left some out but they were all so good I need to go back and listen again (for the 6th time).

The two I could have done without were the covers. I didn't think they added anything to the DVD. But that's just me. I'm sure others thought otherwise.

Well done guys. It's a treasure. WELL DONE!!!

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Although it is not my favorite song by the band, the cut that impressed me the most was I can Remember. Erics vocal was spot on, never better and Wally's guitar work was phenominal. The piano changing over to the 12 string guitar was even better than the original recording. Eric, did this sound like what you originally heard in your head when you wrote the song. Jim's drumming and Daves' bass really fill out the song and the harmonies just rivet your attention. As much as "Overnight Sensation" Hit Record is THE definative Power Pop Opera, the live recording of I Can Remember is THE lesson in Power Pop ballads.

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I'll second everything you posted, mannoman. Your obervations are spot on. I wasn't all that keen on the covers either. They were certainly done with that incredible Raspberries flair, but I would much rather have heard Drivin' Around and Crusin' Music.

Good call, hosskratz. I Can Remember was an absolute showcase for the talents and strengths of each of the band members, plus the incredible blending of the Overdubs. For me ICR is the ultimate ballad as well as my alltime favorite song.

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