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I would say go to the Rock Hall--no, it's not perfect, but it's still very fascinating in many ways. And if you like the movie "A Christmas Story," go see the house and the museum.

You won't be there in time to go to an Indians game, more's the pity.

If you want a great restaurant not far from the theater, go to Lola on East Fourth Street (the little strung-with-lights alley beside the House of Blues). The chef is Michael Symon, a Food Network legend. It will cost you, but it will be worth it.

Go walk around the Arcade and marvel at its coolness (especially if the weather is bad--you'll be safe there). Also go to Tower City in the Terminal Tower and check out the little details that make it so cool (the ceiling of the front atrium, the paintings up there, the brass rails and the grillwork--has things like dragonflies worked into it).

I would say don't rent a car unless you're planning on staying a week and venturing out way beyond the city center. You can get around downtown without it if you ride public transportation and Euclid Ave. will be ripped up anyway.

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For anyone who does have a rental car, I recommend University Circle - lots of very cool museums and art galleries (also Severance Hall is near there), and it's near Little Italy (most of the restaurants are quite good, and Corbo's bakery is out of this world - much like Ferrara's in NYC's Little Italy or Vaccaro's in Baltimore...) - recommended to me by Eric in a post from back in late Feb. this year, from my last trip to Cleveland.

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My thoughts are with you, ECatW. Everything was fine on the way to the very first Cleveland Reunion Concert until we hit Sharon, PA, right near the Ohio border and a snow squall came out of nowhere. I hit a patch of ice on a bridge and we went a-spinning. To Herman's amazement, I pulled out of it, but he really thought we were going over the guardrail. So did I! I let him drive the rest of the way after that one.

Drive carefully and have a safe (and wonderful!) trip.

:) --Darlene

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It would be great if the weather were that easy to forcast in Cleveland. We have a peculiar phenomena here along the shores of Lake Erie called lake-effect snow. A long-time weatherman in Cleveland has always said that for the first five years he was here, people complained about having to shovel eight inches of partly cloudy off their sidewalks. Now, the new weather-guessers scream all over the TV if they even THINK a single flake might be coming! We'll let y'all know closer to the date -- but don't hold us to it. :wacko:

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