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EC/Raspberries Fan-- "Re-union" in December


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Annie, you are a sweetheart to open your home to us all. After talking to some other board members, and where they live, we decided it would be closer to meet in NYC.

Will that work for everyone? Gives me an excuse to go into the City ( my son wants to see some sights).

I don't know the city at all- have only been a couple of times. Maybe meet at a Hard Rock or HOB's- maybe that Sunday the 27th? I will try to get Giro or Harry on looking at 'where' since they probably know the area better than I!

So- all who think they can make that- please

let us know so we can reserve ahead of time.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone!!!!


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Anna R said:

Well, Muzza it is still in the works. We are planning on Sunday December 28th, so far. The time has yet to be determined. Hopefully we can get it all figured out in the next week or so.

It would be GREAT to get a call from you two!!!!

I will keep you posted...

I wanna call too or someone can call me. Ok, when this gets planned, Anna, can I gab with you? Dang, I'd rather be there!

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I'm around then (NYC). Sounds great. I can be there. (Was last at BB King's a couple of weeks ago at the 2nd annual recreation of the Bangladesh concert. What a trip - 30 musicians or so onstage. Food is great, but rather pricey.

You know, I must not have been paying attention, but I just found the part of this site where all the guitar tab is. Oh My God! Now I need to find the time to get all of Wally's expert work under my belt. Woo hoo!

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