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Merch Question

Marc Nathan

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While I did buy a shirt, and a poster, I was a little disappointed. I had hoped there would have been a HIGHLINE BALLROOM specific shirt.

Here's my question.

There was a guy in the audience wearing the Black RASPBERRIES shirt that on MY back has the "they said it would never happen..." quote, but HE had a blown up ticket stub from the Carnegie Hall show.






(granted, somewhere in a box, I have my Carnegie Hall ticket stub, but I don't know that I have the imagination or the savvy to do that myself.)

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That has become part of my concert attending wardrobe..rather than preach the word, I like people coming up to me. Several people at a Bon Jovi concert commented positively, and I was recently at a REO Speedwagon concert going down the escalator at the Emerald Queen Casino, and someone going up said how cool my shirt was.

Small world, I was at a home tv football party a week ago, as we watched Sunset Strip afterwards, and a yacht broker aquaintance of mine, saw my shirt, from cleveland area, saw many shows in the day, knows many people in Gate Mills, and I don't recall the circumstances, but he's been at Eric's front door for some reason.

The shirt is cool, black goes with everything.. I'd make more.

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