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Ok so there are going to be many first-time Raspberries concert attendees at the NYK show, wanting to hear the 'hits' and familiar tunes. There are also going to be some of us who've been lucky to see multiple shows who've had a chance to hear the basic Set List. Is this going to be the show where the Set List gets mixed a bit, or do they stay with the 'tried and true'? How about a little of both?

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Eric: If you get to see this...please,please play Cruisin' Music at the NYC show.I've been singing that song in my car since 1974 and I would like to see and hear you do it live before I pass on to the next realm.Also,if you play it,I'll bring you a bigger Raspberries birthday cake next year with your choice of filling!Does this count as extortion???

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"I Can Remember".

Well, duh, there's a surprise (not!) - Susana wants to hear "I Can Remember"....and she really wants to hear it on October 13. In addition to that, anything the guys want to play will be just fine by me...but in the interest of the thread...

I'd love to hear them do "Be My Baby" and/or "Locomotion" again. They were both great on October 13, 1973, and based on everything I've heard from the '05 shows, they'll be even better on October 13, 2007. Come to think of it, I'm going to dig around and see if I can find any old notes about that set list in 1973. I'm sure there are gems on there somewhere that haven't been dusted off yet - what a time to do it!


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OK, some wishful thinking here.....

First, 'Berries tunes - I'd like to hear any of the following: "Goin' Nowhere Tonight," "On The Beach," "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," "All Through The Night" (misogynist lyrics and all...)

For possible new covers - I'd love to hear a Small Faces tune, such as "All Or Nothing" or "Tin Soldier". I also think some of us (Hi, MJ!) would like to hear their cover of "All Right Now"....however, it used to be very, very long (10 minutes +)....

Other possible covers - another Beatles song or two wouldn't hurt - maybe "Paperback Writer" or "I'm Looking Through You". Howsabout "Walk Away Renee" live?

Push comes to shove, though - their live sets so far over the 10 reunion shows have been really great!!!

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Sorry, E-Phan, not agreed.

I'd REALLY prefer NOT to hear Eric solo stuff unless they were going to do Berries-style songs and Dave & Wally solo stuff, too.

"American As Apple Pie" is okay, and I'd love to hear the Berries put their stamp on songs like "Hurts Too Much", "No Hard Feelings" or "Tonight You're Mine" but for me, the Eric solo HITS are way too soft and mellow to be Berries songs, and (please forgive me) I could do without ever hearing ABM again.

I'd much rather hear them do "Pop Teasers", "Someone Like You" (Dave) or "Let's Just Say Goodbye" (Wally) - those songs sound much more like Berries songs.

And there are lots of actual Berries songs they could do that they haven't yet, and not play solo stuff or covers at all!

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Eric Carmen solo material is a must this time.

The fans at this site have been a driving force in the whole reunion story. 90% of the attendees at this NYC show would rather hear EC songs instead of Beatles songs...AGREED??????

Oh boy! In my case, it would depend on WHICH EC solo songs. Of course only a die-hard few will know "American As Apple Pie" whereas EVERYONE will know "All By Myself", but I'd rather hear the former.


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"The fans at this site have been a driving force in the whole reunion story. 90% of the attendees at this NYC show would rather hear EC songs instead of Beatles songs...AGREED??????"

Not necessarily - depends on the EC song....IMO, well-placed covers (whether of Beatles, The Who, Searchers, etc.) serve a good purpose - namely as a point of reference for newbies at the show....not to mention the fact that it's very, very difficult to pull off Beatles' covers well -if you can do so (like our boys), you're likely to win over those in the audience who aren't overly familir with the band's originals. Two friends of mine at the LA HOB show, who were not that overly familiar with 'Berries material, had heard that they did the best Beatles covers anywhere, and they were a bit disappointed that night.

The band used to do the occasional cover in the 70's, and I think covers still have a place in their reunion shows.

That said, personally, I'd rather hear EC material in a solo show by Eric....like the one he proposed to do at Severance Hall awhile back....

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