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Raspberries at Hard Rock Cafe


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WendyWorld said:

Thanks for sharing this link. Great pics! I'm waiting for Tim to share more of his. :)

And yes, there's Mitch!!!

I think my camera was "possessed" in the Hard Rock, and my pictures there turned out pretty crappy - Very blurry. A lot of my pictures from the soundcheck turned out much better.

It was great having lunch at the Hard Rock with Mitch and his wife, along with their rockin' daughter and her friend!


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That's true Andie! And he won tournaments too..

Steffi Graf was my favorite female player...very stoic and classy but extremely competetive.

Steffi (like most females at the time of their lives where they still had dreams).. also applied to The James Harem. Problem was we only have one slot for tennis chicks, and Martina Hingis had just applied, and been accepted. Steffi then went off and married Andre Agassi in an attempt to forget James.

Though precedent was against her forgetting James (no female has ever been successful at this), I hope for her sake it worked..

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