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Sunday Show


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I've got a similar scenario going as Dar for the Sun. show...So its late arriving GA Lew...(Hey, Dar, with such big name luminaries as you and I in the Ga section, this might be the real place to be)...Since we both are arriving late and Dianed will be in the VIP's, dump Herman and we can stand in the back and make out..."Let's Pretend" anyway...

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"Wonder if the band is gonna get sick of seeing the same bunch at the VIP/Meet & Greets every time?...."

Well, I'm another one who got VIP for Sunday only and this is my first time meeting them as well, so I'm jazzed. Does anyone know how this goes? I heard the last backstage "meet and greet" with the Moody Blues went as follows: the 10 or so stand against the wall, each of the 'blues' meet them one at a time, sign one thing, and move on. No individual photos with the band members. People were a bit ticked off.

I'd love to get photos of myself with the Raspberries. With 50 VIPs, I can expect it could be rather hectic and one might not even be able to meet them. I hope not..

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