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Springsteen on Raspberries


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Bruce has given something special to American pop and rock music and so have Raspberries though not enough people are aware of it, nor recognize it. I think we were all short changed in a sense that there arent 10 or 12 Raspberries albums that we could all reflect back on. Nonetheless, what we do have is very special pop music of the highest calibre and everyone that hears it , and experiences it, immediately recognizes it.

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Rumor has it that a nice looking gentleman in sunglasses from da big city of Cleveland rolled up in a Jaguar XKR. A guy from New Jersey with a milk mustache got out from the passenger side.

After convincing Mr. Springsteen to come outside, the guys made da Boss an offer he couldn't refuse, and then drove off with Bruce's liner notes in hand.

Da Raspberries always gets what they want in Jersey...

Don Krider :)

who really has no idea how they got Springsteen to do it...

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Perhaps a Bruce and Raspberries show? Hmmm venue would have to be New Jersey..... Giants Stadium perhaps? I like Bruce but quite frankly we'd be cut out on tickets from all the Bruce fans, we'd be in the nose bleeds...booo hooo..... Is the Stone Pony still standing? A quiet intimate club with Bruce and Raspberries fans would do - but tickets sales would have to be through Bernie on this site lmao.

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The Stone Pony isn't big enough to hold the demand for tickets for a Bruce show. Any time there is a whiff of him appearing at the Pony, the onslaught of fans exceeds the hall's capacity. The last few times he's played there, it's only been for fundraisers. As a result the tickets have been limited and priced at $500 and higher, with all proceeds going to the charity.

Of course he's been known to show up unannounced many, many times if there's a band playing that he wants to see. Can't believe that he didn't show up for the 'berries' Atlantic City show in 2005.


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Eric Carmen said:

Bruce is a brilliant artist who deserves every bit of his success.

. . . but, at the risk of sounding like a 5 year-old kid instead of a middle-aged man, you're 100 times more talented, and he's overrated. Just opinion.

Sorry, feeling cranky :lol: .

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