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I Don't Know Who G.S.Harper Is...


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But he ripped Scene magazine a good one over that Michael Stanley letter about The Berries:

You guys can sure be assholes sometimes. I mean, I'm no huge Stanley freak, never heard of him before I moved to Cleveland, and didn't really care for his attitude the one time I talked to him. But that really isn't the point. While his music doesn't make me want to orgasm, I've heard far worse shit that got rave reviews by your paper. He is still a legit and respected act to thousands of people in this area, with the kind of longevity that all of us who do this music thing "for real" hope to achieve. I guess I got lost somewhere along the way. Maybe it's because I'm not originally from here. I'm just having trouble understanding why it's cool and funny for you guys to wave your asses in the general direction of a credible artist who has accomplished some real and tangible success in this business. Did he knock up your sister? Steal your car? Or is it because he wrote a well worded and solid letter that disagreed with one writer's opinion? I mean, I'm missing whatever he did to get treated that way. I don't see the humor in it, and it doesn't make you look incredibly professional. I shudder to think what your writers could learn about the music scene in this town, and the things they could accomplish to further it for the good of everybody who's involved in it(including themselves), if they put away the shitty attitudes, sarcasm, and smart-ass crap for awhile and actually took the time to just be journalists and do their jobs. If that's too much work though, you could just keep looking like a bunch of dicks. Oh, and just for the record, The Rasberries are fantastic, and truly a great asset to this city's musical history.

Posted by G.S. Harper on 08/19/2007 at 9:32 PM

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Michael has a new album out, "The Soft Addictions" (which I haven't heard yet), and two new DVDs --- he's worth checking out.

I doubt that anyone knows the music biz better than he does. Having his record label pull their album and cancel the group's contract when "My Town" was #29 on the Billboard charts.

Now a dream ticket for me that would pack a large Cleveland venue would be A Night With Raspberries and Michael Stanley in Cleveland...

Don Krider :)

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